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My Little Travesty

Edit: (March 17, 2011) An update to DT. It includes a low detail mode for any of you that the game crashes on when drawing surfaces. If there are any issues with this, leave me a comment on where the issue occurred.
NOTE: When updating to this, low detail will be on by default if loading a previously saved game.
Other changes, the game priority is now saved, so if you play on a higher setting, you won't have to keep setting that every time you start the game.
A skill submenu has been fixed up. All those lines weren't connected, which drove me nuts. It displayed properly on my other computer, just not on anything else.
A few small balances have been made and mainly tweaks to 2 bosses. I recommend getting this update for those tweaks.

2... no wait, 3 things to say in this update. (It's about time too.)

The first is I'd like to point you guys to a friend of mine I met at the Global Game Jam who recently started blogging. He did a blog of his thoughts on Gamification that I found interesting. Take a look at it here if you have some extra time. And hey, if you like what you read, take a look at some of his other blog posts. He doesn't have many up yet, but what he does have are nifty reads and he's sure to update with more thoughts in the future.

The second is about DT2. I know I said in the last post that I was aiming for an early March release, but February didn't give me much time for this. But I'm definitely getting closer. Only 1 level left to make and tweak. The rest of the game is finished, so it will, err, should be sometime later this month. Hey, I recently saw that Skyward Sword was delayed from April to November. A few weeks delay won't hurt for this. (Actually I'm sure I said I wanted a January release.) No new screenshots or videos. The next time you guys see any content on the game, it will be running on your computer. :)

The last thing I want to say has to do with the title. A few weeks ago I was told about a new My Little Pony series which started airing in October of 2010. I decided to give it a try and watch an episode of the show. Now the old 90s series were terrible in my opinion, and that was going through my mind when this was first recommended to me. However, after watching the pilot, I was amazed with every aspect of the show. The characters are all very diverse, well written, and voiced amazingly. The animation is top notch with tons of little secondary motions that add so much, such as the ears which added to the pony's extremely expressive faces. The most amazing aspect of the show though, is how well written it is. The writing is superb and clever and doesn't rely on cheap humor and jokes. Most of the episodes are set up to relay some sort of moral to the viewer, which is handled great in many of them.
Something nifty about the show is its huge fan base outside of the target demographic. In fact, this age group (males ages 20-32) is the largest audience for the show and has spawned off tons of fan work in the short time it has been airing. You can catch all the episodes on youtube and many other places. The animation studio has actually given an unofficial "okay" for people posting the show online.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episode 1
Video info has a link to all the available episodes to date.

I'd talk about the people behind the show, but if you enjoy it, I'm sure you'll find out.


ScorpiusG said...

Hey again. Remember me? Have you also tried to work on a "Low Graphics" option as well in DT1 as you said in your previous post? I really love this game because of it's intense difficulty. (Games these days are just too easy :p)

ZephyrBurst said...

You're right, I was going to do that. I'll get on it and have it released in a few days. Guess I can fix up a few small things I found too. There's a lot of places where things are off by 1 pixel that wasn't displaying incorrectly on my old computer.

Anonymous said...

About the new patch: May I inquire as to what the small tweaks are? Just curious.

ZephyrBurst said...

Of course.
Two of the late game boss fights had a few of their attack delays lengthen a bit.

The other tweaks are text fixes, like grammar mistakes and typos. (They're still all over I'm sure, even the most obvious ones get by me.) And to get really specific, 10 bytes of memory were freed up after the pause menu is closed. Apparently 2 variables weren't being dumped out of memory.

Fool said...

Since the current blog post keeps eating this, I'm posting it here:

Since you were ranting about achievements earlier, I was wondering if you might want to look at this. The people who make the series are highly knowledgeable and bring up good points -- I would recommend watching the rest of the series as well.