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Edit: (September 27, 2011) While this won't really change anything, DT3 can run up to 70 fps. Huge improvement over DT1, which only managed to reach 50. As I said way back, DT3 will remain running at 30, though this does mean that I don't foresee lag ever being an issue. This 70 was reached on a busy map with a moderate amount of effects and particles. On the particles note, DT3 will not be using GM's particle system at all. Most of the effects weren't using them anyway and I have more control doing particle effects my own way. Anyway, yeah, I can go nuts on visuals without any worry on frame rate it seems. The sprite rendering speed boost in GM8.1 combined with all the work to optimize the balls out of the DT engine seems to be a nice mix.

So I saw this weird Desktop Ponies thing. I knew right away what it was and ignored it. Weeks later, I was linked to it... again. So I thought, I wonder what coding and level building in DT would be like if I had a few ponies running around. And how long could I stand it before I go crazy. It went fine at first, I only had 3 various ponies running about, doing their thing on my computer. And then... it started, the thing I knew would happen. Without fail, 1 or 2 of these ponies would always come check out what I'm doing... ALWAYS. I'm trying to do something in the map editor, BAM, they're curious! I'm trying to code, BAM, so are they! They always found it humorous to go right where I'm working!

This is the usual trolling they like to do.

I figured, hey, I'll just have 1 running about, but that just hurt my conscience. The pony was so lonely on the screen. They seem to leave me alone when they're alone... sad and alone in their corner with no friends. I had to give them a friend. BIG mistake, they get mischievous around others. Friendship is getting in my damn way! They had to go...

Oh, Another LP
I found another LP of the game of someone going through it on Distorted. I don't know how much of it he's going to actually do, but we'll see. It's all in German, which I can't read. Though after viewing his channel and translating a few things, it seems this guy almost always does LPs of games on their hardest setting. He also seems to approach DT the same way people do with IWBTG, in that he doesn't cut any footage, at least from what I've seen. Every attempt and every death are shown. He's also voice translating the dialogue as he goes, which is nifty. Another thing to note is he has a second commentator. Hmm, I like the idea of a second person voice commenting. Oh if only I could understand German. :P

Fun fact: I lived in Germany way way way back in my single digit age years. My parents were stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base.

Anyway, you can check it out here.
LudorExperiens Youtube Channel

I do believe production speed will pick up now. Normally I'd have been able to finish Gate 2 like... at the beginning of the month, but it's been so busy. Gate 2 should be done by this Tuesday, not that it matters for you guys yet. :P  It does get my testers excited. A few have already made a run through about 3/4 of Gate 2. I was nice on enemy design and kept the nasty ones out of Gate 2. We'll leave that for Claire in Gate 3. She gets the bad end of the stick in everything... no really, she does. I don't mean to do it, it just happens that way. It's some subconscious scorn for women I think. Since I'm terrible with women, I just make games instead... hmm...

Remember, when Gate 3 is done and the game has been better tested, I'll be releasing a demo of that content. That's still a ways to go though. My testers are always bouncing ideas to me, things they like, dislike, and are concerned about. Sometime I'm gonna have to discuss with them about how some of the little nuances should work. Once they've been able to see how the mainland gameplay works, we'll have an easier time deciding what's best.

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