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Release Date

Hype Build Up
09/25: Teaser 1
09/26: Teaser 2
09/27: Teaser 3
09/28: Teaser 4
09/29: Teaser 5
09/30: Teaser 6
10/01: Teaser 7

10/02: Hadriex Trailer

10/04: NZZ Trailer

About the Release Date
If you saw the tweet the other day then you already know when the game is being released. To state again, it is October 6th! That date is not changing this time.

So here's what happening. Hadriex got a hold of the beta back in early July. The game was been 'complete' since June 30th and up to this point, its been just fixing everything and putting in the last bits at the end of the game that I left out at first. I gave Hadriex the beta so he could get footage to make a trailer for the game. (And so he could be my guinea pig as well, little does he know, but don't tell him, HE CAN NEVER KNOW!)

But little did I know, that he was putting together not just a trailer, but a few teaser like trailers based on different parts of the game. NZZ, one of the testers that was on the project for most of its development time also made a trailer. I had an idea that I dropped by both of them (which Hadriex had already been thinking as well) that I'd release one of Hadriex's teasers per day, then NZZ's trailer, then the game after that. Hadriex already has the teasers scheduled to be posted on youtube at 3:00am central US time every day they are to be released. I doubt I'll be up at that time to put up a link, but the morning of, usually around 9am-10am, I will edit this message with another link to a teaser/trailer at the top.

OR you can subscribe to Hadriex's youtube channel here and you don't need to go through my shenanigans. If you're a crazy person that's up at 3am central time like I am (sometimes) you'll get the video right away. So here's the release schedule:

Sept 25 - Oct 2: Hadriex teasers (There are 7 + 1 thing)
Oct 4: NZZ trailer
Oct 6: GAME RELEASED!! (At midnight)

On the 6th because while I'll be away that day, I will be around during the 7th and 8th should anything weird, like the game ending the world or something, and only I can fix it by patching a bug... just as long as it doesn't happen before 10pm on the 6th.

Other Things and Acknowledgements
The project has had a lot of input from the testers and they have all helped out tremendously, including sticking with the project despite my oddities. Some of them many of you may know, others, you may not recognize their Internet handles. Those guys are:
Amatsu Darkfyre
Koishi the Rock
NegativeZeroZ (NZZ)

They all had their things they tried to focus on during the project, which was helpful.

Hadriex of course was a big help there at the end due to his being used as a test subject, err, providing a completely blind playthrough of the game, as well as receiving a constant barrage of updates throughout. The guy probably has like 20 versions of the game, some of them having broken states here and there.

Alice from the Talkhaus provided useful suggestions from time to time.

WhattayaBrian was super helpful for providing suggestions on various game mechanics. He's a very knowledgeable person when it comes to code practices and gameplay concerns. Definitely someone I'd like to work with in the future.

Alrighty, that's all for now, and I'm sure I'm missing some people.  Anyway, the wait is almost over!


So Hey, Where's the Game?

Actually everyone has been super patient. You guys are awesome for that. So here's what's going on. Some might know that I work full time, some also know that I, at times, work overtime when asked. That's not necessarily the entire reason DT3 isn't out yet though. I like to keep up with my social life and the last half of August was fairly busy for me for various reasons, even when I was at my computer. DT3 didn't get a lot of my time.

Though now that it has taken this long, both Hadriex and NZZ have prepared trailers for the game, because they're awesome like that. Hadriex put together a few short ones in a sort of teaser trailer type of thing, while NZZ made a bit longer one in a more release trailer style.

Some ideas came out after seeing them all (some are still being worked on too, but almost done it appears.) What we're going to do is release one of Hadriex's trailers each day up to the game's release, and then on the day before (or 2 days before) DT3's release, NZZ's trailer will be posted. I'll be giving a date to this when I know for certain I can uphold a release date. I may have the first teaser posted the day I announce the release date.

Until then... Phantom Pain is out! I won't be playing it, at least not yet, but I will be watching Jerry play some of it. I've been crazy looking forward to MGS5 for a long time now.

On a high note for DT3. It will pick up again starting tomorrow. I'm nearly done with a thing, that once done, I'll know more of a closer date that the game can be released. It's close!! Also August had more blog views than any other month so far... well I did hype up August for a bit. My bad on that.


Where are we at now

My final playtest has finished and TONS of stuff has been reworked and fixed up. I still have a few more things to go through that the testers have sent me, which also shortens my own list of things that are still on it.

The big thing left is finishing up the final encounter with the actual final guy final final battle final. I left it unfinished when the project was 'finished' back late in late June. Both so I didn't simply go "IT'S DONE, RELEASE IT!" before it should be released and to screw with the testers.

There was definitely a lot to fix and I figured this final playtest would take at least a month, considering I knew there were a few things that would need to be completely reworked. Some of them being those early bosses. When everything is done, I'll be running through the game one more time, but don't fret, it's going to be primarily me debug mode'ing (what?) into all the events to make sure all the stuff triggers like it should and that I didn't break any of that last minute. Should only take an afternoon. There's a lot, but I'm not going to be checking dialogue or actually 'playing' the game, all that's been done. I'll just be checking to make sure it all works still, because I'm paranoid like that.

Of those two trailers I mentioned, one is nearly done, and the other is in the works now. I've seen one of them and it was pretty nice. Looking forward to what the other one shows and how it themes itself. (The only big rule was they couldn't show anything from the final level.)


We're Looking Good Here

I'm at the tail end of my final playthrough of the game. We (well the testers mostly) are nitpicking the balls out of the game and finding all those little nagging things. Not everything will be addressed of course. I'd like the game to be released this month and not in 5 years from now. I'd be (somewhat) happy with releasing the game right now. It's in so much better shape than it was even 2 weeks ago. However, there are still a few things that need to be addressed and I'm also awaiting on not one, but two trailers for the game that people are being super cool about making for it. Those will be announced when both have been shown to me. I'll also be making a thread on the talkhaus about the game when that time comes. I say there specifically since that's where the majority of the players come from.


I'm Still Here

No worries, things are still happening and DT3 is very close. Its been a strange month. Very stressful in a lot of ways, so I haven't been all 'here' lately. Things have been angering and disappointing as well. But luckily stuff is returning to normal.

DT has not been the source of any of this. Its been nice to see the project coming to a close actually and see all the pieces coming together. Still some work to do on it before it sees its way to you. It'll get there, very soon.


Nearly Release Time

The game is done, well has been done for a few weeks. I'm currently running through the game with a list of things that I want done before it's released. I've given a build to some people and seeing how a completely new player to DT3 plays it. Especially the first few chapters. Though they do all have that unfinished version from weeks ago. (Same version the testers currently have. (No Brian, you're getting the final one.)) :P

Even before I started watching them, there's been some substantial changes to the game, specifically early on. The problem areas seem to mostly be with how some elements of the game are presented in the beginning parts of the game, not necessarily with the content itself. Which is good for me, since I can easily fix that.

A lot of the changes are things like adding sound, which has helped quite a bit with making things just feel better. That's actually the biggest thing that needed changing. (Other than the beginning parts needing a bit more clarity for some of the game's mechanics.) There's a few bugs on the list, but they're not game breaking bugs. They will be fixed though.

Overall, the game is in a good place, not to the point where I want to release it just yet of course, but it really is looking good. Watching the new players fumble mostly over things that aren't explained too well is pretty hopeful for me.

Note for those that played the demo way back in the age of dinosaurs. It has been removed again, this time forever!! Anyway, the game is much different than what you may remember from the demo. The beginning areas are actually a bit more difficult, mostly the bosses. The early bosses were pretty forgettable and have been given a bit more bite.

So when is it going to be released? When I'm ready for it to be, is the most honest answer I can give. I'm shooting for late July. (Doubt it though, I don't think I'll be happy with the game by then.) So early August probably.


Fighting Myself

The best things (at least I feel) that I've made for DT3 have always come after I have internal battles with myself about it or a big decision regarding it.  I've typically found the harder decision to make to be the better one. I don't mean in terms of hard to execute, but something that has potential to be controversial. To go more in-depth with that word, I don't mean culturally or socially controversial, but simply within the game itself. (Though it does dive into a few harsh things from time to time, unlike its predecessors.)

The end of the game, not the ending itself, but the entirety of the final sequences has been a fight for me since the project began. There has always been a specific way that I've wanted to end the trilogy. Both in gameplay and story. Now that I've been actually making these final bits and I see that original plan going through, I'll be honest and say I'm super happy with keeping with my first thoughts. There's been many times the past few years that I've thought to end the game another way because another idea would be more what's expected and better received. DT3's development has been more mindful of the end user than DT1 ever was, and that's not bad at all. But when it came to big decisions, and deciding to go with what could be better received, I preferred to go with my way.

While DT1 is super flawed in many respects, doing things my way worked out pretty well for the game in a lot of ways. Some of its more odd decisions had some of the best responses. That's not in itself a justification for it. I've found that if I'm happy with it, regardless of how it's received, I like it.

Something I did give in on, was including easy mode into DT3. And almost immediately after, I thought, 'I should disable easy mode for the Nightmare levels.' I've fought with that idea. Even some of the testers mentioned that could be a thing. I don't think the conversation itself needs to be cited, but I did turn it down, despite already thinking I should do that anyway to preserve what I initially had. Easy mode isn't something I really wanted to include in the game, however it is staying and I understand its utility. That said, it is going to be off-limits for the Nightmare gates in the final version, including what they lead up to.

In the decisions for the game when I was conflicted, nearly all of them came down to how I felt about it and no other metric. I made DT1 for fun and to be this thing that was mine, I've always felt my best stuff is when I go with that. The game is, in the end, something I want to make and nothing else.

I'd like to make a note that this isn't against my testers or critique/feedback from them. That's a whole separate thing from what this post is going on about. They've provided a countless amount of help. There's a TON of little things, nagging things that would annoy the player, that if the testers weren't around, would still be there. And in some cases, big things that have impacted the game in a huge way have come from them.