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Very Short Break and Grackles

I'll be taking a break from DT3 for about 3-5 days while I work on a secret project for a friend. This will only delay DT3 for about 3-5 days, so no worries.

That final level is pretty sweet though.

So here's some videos of birds visiting me to hopefully tide you guys over till DT3 comes out. The Witcher 3 comes out like... tomorrow, play that, I've heard it's pretty good. And it has a 3 on the end of it!

Grackles 1
Grackles 2

Also to the comment made by Francois, 2 blog posts ago, I forgot to respond to you.
You said:
"Ah, magnifique, Monsieur le Burst!
Will there be another game similiar to DT with platforming and combat(but original sprites)?
Or a Zelda like top view game with your own sprites?"
I'm not exactly sure which idea of mine I want to do next. I may join a group of others and work on someone else's idea for a bit. I haven't done that in my own development time for awhile. At least that which wasn't small requests here and there.


Interview and How Are You

The thing I mentioned on Twitter the other day is here. Actually it was yesterday, but I'm dumb. A friend of mine has a podcast where he does interviews with people. (And other things.) On his 4th episode, he features an interview with me, about me... and stuff.

You can find it by clicking on the green word here.
It went well and all done in one cut. I did a goof and had my mic right next to my mouth during the interview which upsets me because I know not to do this. Other than that, BAM, interview. Wow I had other things to say about it, but that's just... gone. Ah yes, the interview is not entirely about DT, but mostly about me. No worries, there's no spoilers aside from stuff that happens in the first game. Also yes, that's my name on there, I don't really care if it's out there. It's so incredibly generic, as there are a bazillion others with that exact name.

Also check out Dylan's episode 2 of his podcast, I rather enjoyed that one, as it has quite a crazy and true story. I had actually heard it directly from him before hearing it on the podcast itself.

And good news, I'm not nervous about the final level anymore. The tweet last week is now a lie. Seeing it play out exactly how I've envisioned it these last few years is pretty great. It has the right atmosphere and a really good difficulty level that I feel closes up the trilogy in a great way. (Spoilers, it's pretty difficult.)


Getting There

By tomorrow, the only content that will be left to fully implement will be the final level. So this week is when I'll be devoting all my dev time to that level. I was gonna work on a lot of the stuff I'm doing now after working on that final level, but I swapped around the order of things.

Just the level and 2 boss encounters left to fully implement. Well the ending too.


Game Progress: What's Left?

This is an update about what's left to create.

Currently I'm revamping Gate 6, which previously I was unhappy with. There was a heavy dialogue edit along with new encounters coded. It was pretty sparse before this. It's kinda hard to talk about it specifically, considering spoilers, and only the testers saw the previous version of it. So I'll leave it at that. It's almost done though, will probably have it done by tomorrow.

Next up is the encounter that occurs if the player completes all of the Nightmare Gates. That's not a spoiler, everyone knows SOMETHING happens.

After that is the final level and all its fun bits that go along with it. I'll code/script the ending during this as well.

And then, I need to return back to the world itself and finish up some loose ends. All the little secret/hidden areas in the game that aren't there now and finish placing all the optional items, like the remaining heart pieces, etc. This phase won't take very long.

When the above are all in, all the game's content is finished! THE GAME WILL BE RELEASED THEN... but not really. After that, I'm of course playing through the game again and heavily editing the game where it needs it. I'm guessing this phase will last about a month. There's a lot of feedback from the testers that I agree with and haven't actively addressed in the game yet. They're mostly small edits and tweaks, but those small things definitely address real issues, and it's during this last pass that I'll be going through those and iterating on them. No new content will have to be added during this phase, so overall, it should be quick comparatively.

When I'm happy with the game, it'll be released. Well no, that's a lie, I don't think I'll ever be fully happy with the game, but there will be a point during that last phase where I'm saying, "DONE, fuck it!" I'll be announcing a release date just before this phase hits though.

So this is where I'm at with the game. It really isn't all that much left.


DT3 Multiplayer Mode Confirmed

You may have noticed that DT3 has been taking me longer to finish up than I thought and said it was. This is partially due in part to life changes as mentioned recently, as well as just having a more social life outside of gaming. That's all good and true, but there's another reason the game has been delayed for this long. I've been working on something alongside the main project that is now integrated with the game. The testers have been working hard with me on it to make sure it runs great and its been awesome this last month.

DT3 now has a multiplayer mode. One player will control Jerry, while the other controls Claire. It's a mode independent from the main game, though a lot of it does use levels from the main game, but redone a bit to make use of multiplayer. It took some work, but it's all done through network play, though unfortunately I couldn't quite get local multiplayer to work. It's best done over a LAN, so I'll provide links to Hamachi and such when the time comes.

Below are a few screenshots that should show somewhat how it works.

As shown, you can see the other player's current energy (of their current active ability) next to yours. Both players have to be on the same map, but they aren't confined to the same view. Map exits work the same except both players must be near it for it to work. (Within half a screen.)

Both players share the same health pool. This also means that if one player plummets down a pit, it's game over for both players. The game over rules are the same, though it's the host player that has control of what happens in menus. Currently only the host player can control the pause menu as well, which means that player is also responsible for allocating skill points and equipment for both players. I'm looking to fix that before release.

I had thought about announcing this last month, but it wasn't as far along as I had wanted it. A gameplay video of how the multiplayer looks will be coming soon.

Actual progress on the game proper is still moving nicely as well, despite not having worked on it all that much the last 2 months.


Thought I'd Miss This Month

Yay, Winter is almost over, or I should say; Yay, the cold weather is almost over! Maybe, you never know with Texas. We can have 80F+ in February, which will continue for the next months and suddenly have snow in the middle of April.

The grackles have all come back from their travels and with the new batch of them this year, are a few that became super friendly in only a month and a half, and I'm not even working outside anymore. There's 4 of them now that will take food directly from my hand. Though one of them is the female grackle that I've known for 2 years. Another is a male with an injured right foot, who became friendly very fast. The others got that trusting after seeing the first two approach me that close a few times. I'll try to get a video of them all lined up about a foot in front of me. When I take my breaks and walk outside, it typically only takes up to 10 seconds for them to approach.

People are annoying with it, luckily it's rare though. Every so often there's that person that walks by and must inform me that what I'm doing is dangerous and I could get bitten, and that grackles should be shot. If someone walks by with the latter remark, my usual response is something along the lines of "I save my ammo for another type of biped." Oh I used to be such a nice and reserved person.

The first type of remark is another ignorance laden one, though that one doesn't really upset me. Wild animals can indeed be dangerous and birds carry diseases that we're susceptible to. I'm not too concerned with being bitten though. Not when I observe them being super careful with me. Not all of them are, and I take special care around those ones specifically. With grackles, I've noticed ways to tell if they're going to be careful with me or not based on body language. That and they're fairly consistent. The male grackle I mentioned above with the injured foot is always extra careful to not bite me. The smaller the piece of food I give him, the more careful he is, which is interesting to me.

DT3 Progress
Shit, this blog is about video games, not birds. Wait no, it's about whatever I want.

So DT3 is still going, though the last month or so was a bit slow. A THING DID GET DONE THOUGH.

The most recent level is a fair bit different and touches on things personal to me. It's short, and very simplistic gameplay, but I wanted to give something very different for DT a try.

I'm currently revamping a previous level, it's the last level I need to fix up before I work on the final one. I'd have done it later, but I know if I don't do it now, then I'll later say, "It's fine how it is." and I wasn't really all that satisfied. It isn't taking long though, the changes aren't super drastic, but they've had a good impact on the quality of the content.

Other Stuff
I know I've been quiet lately. There have been a few life changes the last few months that have kept me busy, as well as busy away from the game. I'm fairly certain I'd have the game done by now if not for everything going on, or at least all the content done.

Anyway, I'm not stopping the project for sure. It's almost done and the end is something I've wanted to work on for a long while. I think it's gonna be great.

Also the new Zelda for the WiiU is not coming out in 2015. Though I'm not bothered by that delay at all. I was expecting it.


What's Happening in DT Land

On the right side, you'll notice that a number of big tasks is shown. These are tasks that I need to complete for the game to be considered complete.
Without spoiling what they are, they are: (nonspoiler method)
-Gate H (The final optional gate)
-Redo the Gate D boss encounter (Cause he sucks)
-An optional, but not really optional, boss that I can't spoil
-Gate 6 needs touch ups based on some heavy suggestions (that were requested by me) from Slaix
-Cave Network (That mysterious one map hidden place-thing you all saw in the demo)
-Final Level
-The final pass through the game to fix/add all the stuff that isn't fixed/added. All the content is in the game by this point. It just needs a polish pass. I'll be announcing a release date when I get to this phase most likely.

Some of the above won't take very long so it'll get scratched off the list pretty fast.