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New Abilities in Modes That You Shouldn't Play

Edit: (4/22/2016) Get, it fixes a goof with the previous version. Patch notes below are still relevant as nothing has changed, just the Claire charge cannon damage has been fixed to match the values below.

Patch Notes (Version
- The little light pulses created by player weapons in dark maps linger a little longer and a few more have been added, namely a light trail created by missiles.

- Reduced Claire's charge cannon damage to 70% from 75% and each hit removes 1% of damage, down to a minimum of 50%.

- New special abilities added for each ability set that are Nightmare Mode exclusive.
NOTE: Some of you may have found a hidden ability with the Link Set while playing on Nightmare Mode where a certain button combination can be pressed to use a sword wave while at full health. These will now be noted in-game somewhere... possibly the north side of Central City.

- There is now a very noticeable level up notice when leveling up in Gate 6.

- Fixed an issue with Jerry's running hitbox to make it consistent with others.


Fixing The Things

Patch Notes (Version
- Claire's Samus Beam charge shot now deals 75% of the normal beam damage per hit instead of 50%. The charge complete sound effect and visual effect now line up with the actual charge time.
(The description on the charge beam in-game when you get it still says 50%, will fix later. :P)

- Equipment changes
  - Freezer Core: The 50% extra energy cost has been removed.
  - X's Headpiece: Energy usage decrease from 33% to 50%. Now works with Gravity Well charge as it was bugged before this.

- Equipment price changes
  - Dark Omen: 500 -> 100
  - The 4 Gate 6 things: 1000 -> 800

- Boss Gallery changes (Only time I'm changing one of these)
  - Enmity's gold time change 61 -> 40

- The final boss now has a visual effect indicating when he does one of those certain attacks that shall not be spoiled because some of you haven't completed the game.

- The boss before the final boss no longer spawns certain things that he spawns when he shouldn't be.


Tired But With Fixes

Patch Notes (Version
- Gate 6 changes.
  - Blocking will now remove all invulnerability time. Meaning from damage or dashing, this means you can block and parry after taking damage or from within a dash. This also means that you can take damage again almost immediately after taking damage if you use guard improperly.
  - Blocking will now force the player to block for the parry window frames. Holding has the same effect as before. This is for those of you that like to tap the button for parries.
The above 2 changes should make blocking feel more fluid. It does allow the player more room for error, but also allows for more DT tricks and shenanigans.

- There is now a sound effect (beep beep beep boop) leading up to the color pulse damage frame.
If you don't want these sounds, simply don't add them to the sound folder or rename the two sound files named (DT_ColorPulseA and DT_ColorPulseB) to something else. (Just add _ to the end of the filename)

- There is now a slight glow effect on the player when in areas with color zones. This glow color matches what the next color is that the player needs to be in.

- Fixes for potato machines.

- Metroids work fully again. (Yay!)

- Oh yeah and... more birds!

You can get the 2 new sound files under the game download links on the right.


Its Been Awhile

Patch Notes (Version
- When swapping characters, the re-swap time has been reduced from 40 -> 20 frames. (Matching it with the split party swap time.)

- Claire's second weapon of her second ability set has had its stun time buffed from 4 -> 12. I mean, probably all of you have gotten that far, BUT JUST IN CASE! Then again, I think the patch notes have spoilt this before? But anyway, that has been changed.

- More typo fixes!

- There is a bird on the back of another bird in Central City - South - Back Alley. That's the new bird addition.

- Misc. fixes like spikes not working still, etc.

- Nerfed Jerry's backdash.

- No, I didn't really.


New Games!!

Patch Notes (Version
- Those air stall changes from last time have had some edits, and I kinda figured this might happen.
  - Jerry: 3 frames
  - Claire: 5 frames
  - Additionally: Options -> Gameplay: You can turn on an option that allows holding down to disable the air stall. Its been an idea ever since WhattayaBrian suggested it like... months ago? It may or may not be janky, I don't think so because down isn't used in normal air combat, but hey, how about an option instead for it. It is off by default.

- Explosive weapons leave a lingering light in dark rooms now. This is mostly useless, but it does look cool. (Some other weapons may create light effects too, but which ones? Oh man!)

- Oh man, what was that other update to this? Something to do with sound? Nah, that's not in this update. There was nothing else ever requested about new sound in the game. (But really, charging up weapon sounds is now in along with a charge complete sound.)


Other Projects
I was approached by a good friend who asked if I could make a game with him. It was a project that he had started ideas and designs for many many moons ago, which I had actually assisted with back in the day. Fortunately I'd even been thinking about this project recently and he had suddenly presented the project to me.

So, what is this project that we started? I can't say too much about it at this point. I did tell a few that my next project would not be a platformer. That was before I knew I'd be working with anyone else or even this game. So yes, I am indeed working on another platformer. It's different after all this time to really start on something new again from scratch. Interesting enough, I've only just started work on it and the physics/control feels better than DT already.

What am I doing on the project? I'm the guy coding most of it. I told my friend if he didn't want to touch the code, that I'd be fine with that. Although he's been jumping into the code too, so yay. (I get it all organized though.) He's doing the writing and like, tons of other things. (Yay, someone else is writing, and he's actually done a lot of writing.)

I've worked with him on things before this and he's also a very self-motivated dude. I've no fears of him bailing on it, especially since most of the project is from his design, as far as characters and the world go. (The characters are adorable.)

But platformer doesn't say anything! So he's a big fan of 'Mischief Makers.' Many of you might be familiar with that. It's an old and pretty great N64 game centered on grabbing and throwing. That was his main inspiration for the project and as a fan of the game myself, I had no issues jumping on the project. It was pretty easy to spot the game features that were certainly inspired from Mischief Makers. There's something to do with pie and cake in the game, apparently. Also yes, I will put a bird somewhere in the game. A piece of cheese may end up somewhere too as that's one of my signatures that started way back when I used to make Unreal Tournament levels. In all of them, I hid a piece of cheese somewhere.


Untitled Post (I forgot to title this one)

Edit: Looks like we'll be getting 'charging weapon' sound effects next patch.

Patch Notes (Version
This one happened quicker than I expected. The biggest reason for it going out is to fix more crashes for potato machines, but there are a few other misc changes that might interest some of you.

- Equipment Change [Golden Shield]: It no longer awards 7 Game Power back upon a successful parry, but instead extends the parry window of opportunity by 1 frame.

- You guys all know of the subtle bounce effect after hitting an enemy with a melee attack in the air. There was a 2 frame hover time that has been extended to 6, which will allow more control of these.

- The next wave timer for the Ch.16 event is now displayed on screen instead of at the base flag.

- The first wave of the Ch.16 event now has the proper 30 seconds instead of the 15 seconds.

- More crash fixes for lower end machines.

- 3 additional birds were added. This time to the bridge map in Central City, but they only show up after Ch.10.

Other Games
Jeremy and myself have been very interested in The Division. (Despite it being a Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy's game) Though the closer to its release, the less interested I became. Jeremy had pre-ordered it, and seemed to like it. Then its open-beta occurred and actually proved me wrong on how I felt about the game's dark zones. If you know anything about the game, then you know all about those. I figured they'd be a cluttery shitfest, but they weren't, which is a huge plus for me. It has the right amount of pvp and periodic cease-fires.

What I didn't know, but that the game lets you know the moment you start it, is that it's a cover-based shooter. I'm really not a fan of the sticky wall syndrome of cover-based shooters. I tend to find it clunky and unwieldy, usually preferring more loose systems of simply letting me crouch like in say Planetside or Borderlands. That said, I found the cover system in The Division by Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy The Division to actually do well at what its supposed to do.

I'm not sure how long Tom Clancy's Clam Tomcy's The Division will last as far as popularity goes, or for myself, but Jeremy and the open beta have convinced me to play. It has a Borderlands style loot system and possibly having pvp be a bit much on the gear-based side. Though when Jeremy and myself took out people who way out-geared us (though they weren't very good either) I found that wasn't too bad, especially when the dark zone tries to keep people who are within certain levels of each other. If you're going to play it, get a friend. It is not all that fun alone I find.

Oh yeah, I don't like shooters. No really. I don't. Planetside doesn't count.


Too Tired to Post

Patch Notes (Version
- Enemies now deactivate much closer to the off-screen boundaries resulting in significantly less off-screen bullet spam. (I've had a grievance with this one myself for some time, just took awhile for me to finally address it.)

- Potential fix for the chapter 16 minigame where enemies were spawning with invulnerability in rare moments.

- Various typos.

- Morph Mortar now does what its supposed to do.

- More birds were added!

Other Stuff
I had other things I was going to post alongside this, but I am way tired and apparently have obtained an illness that is making me feel super drowsy. Will possibly edit this later.