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Upcoming Update This Month

I'll be handing off the new version to the testers in a few days. There are quite a few new resources to get, especially music files. I'll upload the newest version like I used to, with an exe-only and full download for first timers (or those that lost their old files). There will also be a separate download with all the new resources for those that don't want to have to get the full file again.

Partial patch notes of what's to come
- Contact(Direct) and Trap damage is now shown to the player via an icon when it occurs.
- Air dashing will now cancel Mario bumper momentum completely just like the double jump does.
- New Ability
   - Spring ball is now an optional item found in Gate 5 - Main Hub.
   - Morph ball can no longer be canceled with the jump button.
- Ending sequence changes
   - Game Over no longer occurs when falling off during the final escape sequence. Instead, Chao brings the player back to a nearby stable platform.
   - All ending cutscenes, including the credits, can be skipped.
   - It is highly advised to revisit the epilogue scene shown after the credits.
-And of course, because it's not a secret anymore, and what everyone's waiting for; A new set of events have been added. (And 4 new bosses, yes 4, not 3 like I said originally, though only 3 of them are coming to the boss gallery.)

A bug fix
- Blackmoor will no longer rise above the level.


On the Horizon

Edit: (3/27/2017) Dropbox changed how it handles the public folder. Download links have been fixed.

It's right there, but how far is it really?

P.S. Love you all, it IS that day!


Just A Post Signifying That I'm Not Dead

And to commemorate... something, here's a screenshot that won't give anything away.

There are sparkly effects around Claire... is that a spoiler?
Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season. I'm still (slowly) working on the update I keep mentioning. It's totally happening, just not as soon as everyone wanted, but it's still going. I suppose there's really only 2 more things to do with it before I hand it off to the testers.

I thought about how to show part of the new content without giving anything about it away and the above is it. There's no post-editing going on. That is 100% in-game. This screenshot is also the only one I'm giving out.

Expect more birds with the update as well!


Quick Post About Some Changes

Damage Types
Some of the major and more noticeable changes coming are clearer indicators about what you're being hit by. For example, the color displayed by the damage value has indicated what type of damage you're being hit by, for example:
Red = Normal
Green = Elemental
Yellow = Explosive

But then the game noted direct damage (contact damage with an enemy) and trap damage, which isn't clearly displayed when taking damage. So now we have:

The hard zigzag means you were hit by direct contact, as shown on the left. On the right, the more fancy swirly lines mean you were hit by trap damage. Fancy because you guys are such sexy people with your trap dodging finesse. The spikes on the right screenshot have probably never been touched, so for demonstration purposes, they have been used.
On the right, a straight line is used for trap damage, as it's easier to see at a glance when these things happen. The testers felt it would be hard to see the difference between the two during gameplay and I agree.

The hit indicators scale with the size of the damage displayed and will also match the color. (damage type)

Morph Ball
As stated previously, Spring Ball will be obtainable in Gate 5, and as early as just after finding the standard missiles. The post-gate terminal will of course lead you to which sector it's in. This of course means pressing jump no longer removes you from morph ball state.

Other Stuff
Some other little things:
Air dashing after jumping on a bumper (the big Yoshi's Island arrow springs) will now completely cancel all the momentum gained from the bumper just like double jumping already does. Currently, you can air dash and immediately after the air dash has ended, you'll still rise.

A few more scenes are skippable, as well as the end credits. Many will want to (and you'll want to, trust me) see the revamped epilogue, so it's reachable much much faster.

Which brings me to the end sequence. You can no longer game over on that sequence unless running out of time. (Which no one does.) Falling off the bottom of the screen will now teleport the player to a nearby stable platform.

There's plenty of other changes and QoL fixes coming, plus of course some big surprises that I've not so subtly been hinting at since around April. (Just don't bother asking about it, cause I won't comment on it. :3)


DT3 Anniversary

As stated on Twitter, the update is not ready yet, for many reasons. Probably the biggest reason is it doesn't have my full attention right now.

I've been thinking of what to do and I think a late night stream (since I get off work late) where I play a game... not sure which yet, and do a Q&A of sorts. Where you guys can ask me anything and I hope I can remember everything enough to answer.

Wow, what a lackluster post this is. Perhaps I'll give out a screenshot showing a new thing in the patch... ON THE STREAM!! I can at least confirm that it's almost done, I just need to give it more of my focus. You'll know when the patch is soon since I'll have a tweet about it in the coming weeks.


I Get Quiet... Also Birthday Today

Edit: (9/17/16) I should have mentioned this well over a month ago. I've been a bit slow on this, but I'll be getting the other download links back up soon. Alice had to switch hosts (this was done quite awhile ago and the links being down is all me here being way too slow) so a bit of reworking had to be done. I'll definitely have them up when the 1.5 version is released. Maybe that's when I'll actually get them back up? I haven't had even close to the bandwidth limit a free dropbox account allows since the initial release of the game. (Another thanks to Alice for the mirror back then. Shut up Alice, I know you don't think you need to be thanked, but it really was a big help.) :P

After playing both AM2R and the original Metroid 2, I can safely say that AM2R is much better. Maybe I'll post a review proper sometime to talk about all the stuff I liked/disliked, but that won't be today. Reviewing in the journalistic sense isn't my thing, but who knows!

Right after playing the two games, I was convinced via being bought Axiom Verge by WhattayaBrian to play and stream the game. A game that I now very much enjoy and will definitely go get 100%, most likely off-camera. Axiom Verge is a Metroid styled game, and was fitting to play after all the Metroids that were hunted prior. Though their gameplay definitely goes in very different ways, maybe calling it Metroid styled would be wrong? In any case, I won't be doing a comparison between the two, I suck at reviewing.

Then the same person mentioned and then gifted me LISA. I'll also be streaming that one soon. I do feel that with the type of game it is that I'm not going to talk as much. If it's the type of game I think it is, yes. Looking forward to it, as it seems like a game I'll enjoy.

Oh yeah, it's my birthday today!

DT3 Stuff
There IS still a final patch upcoming. The release date I'd love for it is October 6th as that's the game's first anniversary. However, with what's been going on and my limited time the last couple months plus the next 2 and a half-ish months, I'm not sure I'll get done what I want to do for the game. (The streaming really doesn't take that large of a portion of time, all things considered.) Good news is that one of the new additions is Spring Ball which has been suggested often, especially while Metroid 2 has been on the minds of everyone. There's not really a lot that I want to get done, so we'll see. As for the other stuff I'm doing to the game, I'll keep that a secret till a bit closer to release.

And now for the best moments of the AM2R stream!

Where I should be more excited about Space Jump acquisition
Brian did say to do it at the end
So many Brians
Metroid is the best Metroid


AM2R Nearing Release

Here's a project I've been following for a good few years now. For awhile I thought it had been cancelled, but to everyone's delight, it kept trucking along. From the time of this post, it's less than 2 days away from release. Both Anomaly and Hadriex have reminded me about it as well. (No worries guys, I've been all over this project, though very quiet lately.) They did both remind me that I could make a post about it though.

If you don't know what AM2R is, it stands for 'Another Metroid 2 Remake' which at the time of its conception, was one of the bazillions of potential fan-made remakes of the game, but this one stood out quite a bit from the others and also hasn't died. The blog for it is here!

Also here and here and here and here! All lead to the same place, definitely check it out if you want more 2D Metroid goodness.

I've been wondering on a game to either stream or do an LP for and maybe this will be the one.

Hadriex will be streaming the game this Saturday (8/6/2016) at 1pm, Alaska time. (-09:00)