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Long Awaited Info

A year has passed since the big reveal and since we've hit the first big anniversary, it's time for a bit more info about it.

You've probably already seen the new screenshot on Twitter, but just in case, here's a link to it. You'll notice some drastic UI changes. That early in the project, it was doubtful that other UI would stick. It may seem the UI is a bit minimalist for a DT game, but this screenshot is of the first real dungeon and Chao doesn't have too much in the beginning. Dashing, for example, isn't unlocked until after this first dungeon.

I didn't mention anything about the mechanics of DT4 and I figured this year would be nice to share a bit more about them. The basic HUD there displays Chao's current HP count numerically (and in a meter next to it.) Underneath is one of the big mechanics of combat this time around. The value displayed is Chao's damage multiplier for her next attack. Through evasive and defensive options, Chao is able to boost the power of her follow up attacks.

To put some of this into their base raw numbers, (because I know a lot of you like this stuff)
Chao has 2 major defensive options. Those being blocking and dashing. Blocking can block all incoming frontal melee attacks, but will only mitigate 90% of the incoming damage, unless she performs a perfect guard.
Guarding will boost power by 10% per attack blocked, but a perfect guard will increase it by 50%. Blocking however, will only block 50% of projectile damage, but the 10% power boost is still granted.

Dashing will, like DT predecessors, phase through enemy projectiles. Dashing through projectiles in this way also increases the power boost by 20%. This time though, dashing will not give iframes from melee attacks. It's still a quick dodge, as both forward and back dashing have made their way back in.

Power boosts will also stack up to a certain capacity. (that can be increased throughout the game) Whiffing attacks will not deplete the power boost, only successful attacks, by 50% per hit. It will also deplete over time at 10% every few seconds.

This dynamic between blocking and dashing is only the base mechanics. It's not DT without an array of secondary abilities, and Chao certainly has a fair number of them, but that info will be for another update. (Though she does have a bomb ability similar to Jerry's Link bomb in DT3.)


New patch is ready!

Patch Notes

Extra Patch Notes for Version: [6/30/2018]
  • The 'Up to Unmorph' option no longer causes unmorphing issues after going down pipes.
  • Another swap option has been added called 'Dedicated (Fixed)' which auto swaps back to the Melee sets upon switching characters. Meaning, switching to Jerry will always swap to his Link set regardless of what he was in before swapping to Claire. (Note that if you were using the Hold+Direction setting before this version, you'll need to reset back to that upon playing this patch.)
Notes for Version [5/21/2018]
  • Equipment increasing the drop rate of items have been buffed significantly.
  • More bosses have camera locks.
  • After the first attempt on the Abomination boss fight, all following attempts will skip the 17 second intro upon 'starting' the fight as you normally would. The boss gallery variant will always skip the opening with the timer resetting when the player starts the fight. The gold time has been adjusted.
  • Deci20k fight now has a checkpoint after John shows up. The boss gallery variant will always start at this checkpoint. The gold time has been adjusted.
  • The option 'Up to Unmorph' has been changed to 'Morph Controls' and the option to allow double tapping down to morph has been added to it.
  • A new door in Bubble Tower B side has been added. All the lower doors are now numbered. The new door is 6!
  • A bunch of other small fixes/changes.
  • More birds.


And Out of Nowhere, A DT2 Patch

This is just a notice for a DT2 patch. Yes, that game, the one in the middle.

Patch Notes
  • The challenges will now properly update your best time. Those medals can now be obtained!
  • The final encounter had a few segments shortened. Mechanically it is the same, but most notably the beginning is shorter.
Full Game Download

Download for those that are updating

And that's it. Guess I can get on that DT3 patch I mentioned months ago that I said would be in February.


A New Year and New Games (and Update)

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I ended the year with the flu, but that's now in the past. Maybe this year we'll get a glimpse of something else I'm working on.

Patch Notes for Version
  • Nightmare mode unique Megaman ability has changed from a 4th level charge to being able to store up to 3 fully charged shot. Many have been calling it the Moogy Buster due to its inspiration during Moogy's stream of Nightmare mode many months ago where these things were discussed.
  • A few bugs were fixed, most notably the dagger pickups no longer upgrade holy water, which means the holy water upgrades now actually work. The scaling for both weapons was the same and no damage changed were made. The changes are retroactive as well.
  • Brian's Bubble Tower level was slightly changed in that only Mario abilities work in it.
  • Birds were added to the map the player starts in.

This patch was done quite some time ago, but I was going to add a little special thing for certain fans of the game, but the Nightmare Megaman ability has been requested, so the update is a bit early. Another update within a few weeks may happen. There's another project I'm in the middle of finishing up, so when that's done, I'll get back to adding this special thing into DT3.


Patching Some Things In DT3


  • Elpizo can only place 1 shield down now.
  • More birds... always more birds.
  • Double jump removed from WhattayaBrian's Bubble Tower - B Side map.
  • If the second super boss is beaten, a new door opens in Bubble Tower - B Side. (It's a silly door that opens and the challenge inside is not meant to be beatable, like a few of the other maps on the lower floor of the B Side.)
  • Resetting bosses in the boss gallery should now always fully restore all ammo.


Oh Man! Another Update

These are going to be slowing way way down as a project I'd like to put into an actual working prototype has taken hold. Now then, THE PATCH NOTES! This one has some good stuff in it.

Patch Notes

  • Invisible platforms will no longer plague a certain hidden boss.
  • Jerry and Claire will no longer use their partner's damage boosting equipment for damage calculations if swapped after firing a weapon. Sorry you guys who use this bug, I know some of you enjoy it.
  • Quite a few new stats are tracked under the Records pages. None of them are retroactive unfortunately.
  • More birds of course!
  • When selecting 'Load Last Save' or 'Return to Title Screen' from the save sub-menu, the cursor will default to Cancel. The confirmation menu has also changed color from green to red so it no longer blends in with the menu.
    • This same confirmation menu is now used for the world map variants.
  • Bumping Mario blocks from below will now cause damage to enemies directly above it.
  • There are a number of map changes, mostly small. A few of them have switches that open up short cuts. For example, a switch is located at the top of Grand Rising that opens a pipe near the bottom... that leads to the top. (No more traversing back up the Grand Rising if you've done it before.)
  • Fixed a memory leak involving the dark maps. This may not be connected to the issue of them not working properly at times.
  • Jaimers beat the super boss without taking damage. Check it out here. (Do not click if you don't want spoilers on what it is.) Disclaimer, this is not a patch note, but it is listed in the patch notes. I blame the birds.


The DT3 Patch With Some Tester Levels

The patch is now available. There is a new music file so the exe is packaged with it. A readme is included that will instruct you to place it in the music folder.

Patch Notes
  • Patch
    • A few adjustments to a tester level in Side B.
    • 2 birds added that watch over Side B.
  • Hotfix
    • Only fixes up the Dualshock 4 gamepad profile. If you have and you don't use a DS4 controller, there is no need to get this update.
  • The Nightmare mode has had significant changes. Note that not all of these changes will be retroactive with current runs.
    • Idle abilities will now recharge faster than on Normal mode.
    • A few skill freebies were given prior to this update, but a few more were added. These are now reflected on the skill tree.
    • An heart container is obtainable through the Challenge Trials.
    • A selection of equipment is available from the game's start with all 3 slots available as before the update.
  • If you have obtained the true end of the game, the B side of Bubble Tower will be open. This location includes some tester ideas for levels as well as a few experiments from myself in its basement.
  • A few maps had minor tweaks for better flow purposes.
  • Warmaster should no longer be able to swap forms and immediately attack.
  • More birds have indeed been added. A lot of birds... like... A LOT of birds.
  • Turrets from a certain superboss will now auto despawn after 10 seconds.
  • For those using the built in Gamepad function, you should no longer jump upon starting a map after selecting an option from the Game Over screen. (Jump and Confirm are the same button.)
  • 2 new gamepad profiles were added.
  • The camera will no longer be stuck after beating the Gate G boss.
  • Assist Mode can still be used in the Boss Gallery, but the record will no longer count.
  • Other misc. fixes because I didn't note every change.