Stuff Under the Header


What's Happening in DT Land

On the right side, you'll notice that a number of big tasks is shown. These are tasks that I need to complete for the game to be considered complete.
Without spoiling what they are, they are: (nonspoiler method)
-Gate H (The final optional gate)
-Redo the Gate D boss encounter (Cause he sucks)
-An optional, but not really optional, boss that I can't spoil
-Gate 6 needs touch ups based on some heavy suggestions (that were requested by me) from Slaix
-Cave Network (That mysterious one map hidden place-thing you all saw in the demo)
-Final Level
-The final pass through the game to fix/add all the stuff that isn't fixed/added. All the content is in the game by this point. It just needs a polish pass. I'll be announcing a release date when I get to this phase most likely.

Some of the above won't take very long so it'll get scratched off the list pretty fast.


A Short Post Based on Something

In DT1, the first shmup segment had the player flying over mountains. (There was also that shmup segment just before the final level.)

In DT2, the shmup segment has the player flying over mountains just before the final level.

DT3's shmup segment has the player flying... well, over mountains, just before... the final level...

Clearly not intentional.


Corrections But Not

I would like to note that the 2 levels tweet I had a few days ago is both accurate and inaccurate. What I mean is 2 non-optional levels left. There's still Nightmare Gate H to make and a few tidbits of side dealybobs to do. Some may remember the Cave Network (Gonna need to be renamed because its purpose has changed since its initial inception during pre-production.) that had a single uneventful map in the demo. I know a few people liked finding this side level. Had its own music and tileset and all that jazz.

It's not going away and there are a few other things like it that still need some attention. They've been started, but haven't gotten a lot of good dev time. This is mainly due to my desire to get all the main content in the game first and then look at what the game could need from there, then I'll decide how I want to go about those Cave Network levels. What they are is set up, it's just the execution of them. I have a million ideas in my head about how to go about them that will benefit the game the most, which I'll figure out when I get there.

There will also be a lot less blog posts till the project gets much closer to the end, which is getting really close. We're looking at about 1 post a month for now as a check up of; "Hey I'm not dead and the project still lives!" The current level I'm developing (the one before the final) is going pretty fast though, so yay!


Back In The Game

It happens every December. Life gets busier and hobby work gets put to the side. Since we're in January though, DT can come back into development again instead of an hour here and there.

I'm nearly done with one of the endgame levels and I've been developing it for the last 3 weeks, where normally a level like this would take about 3-4 days. (When I say days, I mean the evenings that I work on the game.)

There's one more major level/event in Chapter 19 and then it's onto the final segment of the game, which isn't very big.

Chapter 19 has been interesting to make like I thought it would. Videogame like stuff, I've done a lot of things with it that I normally don't do. I tend to stay away from 'points of no return', but it has them in quite a lot of places. (In comparison to what I normally do.) They're all temporary of course, but I tend to shy away from those.

In a very 'not in the spirit of the game', achievements are possible to miss completely as some of them are in one-time only events. They don't unlock anything and they're more of an odd acknowledgement of 'you did this goofy thing', so I'm cool with that. (They're hidden in a submenu anyway, signifying that they aren't that important. There's probably some unintentional message there, but probably not, and no one should really read into that.)

Other Stuff
I finally have a 3DS. (One that is mine instead of playing on other people's DSs.) Only game I've got is Fantasy Life, which reaffirms the very reason I don't play MMOs. (Aside from Planetside.) That is they tend to have addictive qualities that have you running about doing stupid shit. It's an interesting game that is actually quite fun though. I wouldn't play it as much as I do if Jeremy wasn't playing along with me. And having 3 people in a game doing random crap is humorous and feels rather game breaking.

We've put in a lot of time already and I'm 100% sure we could easily complete the rest of the story quests with our current gear. I don't really know what was the 'intended' method to play, but we play all the classes to nearly as far as they can go before we touch a story mission.
I don't care much for the plot itself, but the writing has humor word play the entire time. Which brings in this weird thing of putting up with the plot to get to more gameplay, but also reading it to see all the wonky writing. (Even if it is way too wordy sometimes.) I'm hoping Nintendo makes a Fantasy Life 2 in the future and does a ton more with the game, specifically putting more focus on multiplayer.

Gonna probably get that Link Between Worlds game next because I only played some of it. Definitely before 'The Legend of Zelda: Elder Scrolls Edition' is out in November. Oh man, and Konami says that Metal Gear 5 is out Quarter 1 this year. Maybe DT3 will be done before Mother 4 is finished... I have a huge list of games that I've put aside too.

If you read this thinking, 'What did I just read? Why is this constructed like this? Where is the word flow?' Then you're doing it right and I should probably go past a first draft with this.



Menu Font Update

Edit: (12/14/2014) In that screenshot, there's an entry for 'AP Gained From Boosters' that is now useless. Like, more useless than the useless stats. So what other useless stat could replace it.

Give me your suggestions for useless stats/things to track!

Because past me thought it was fine to use a serif font.

That was fixed recently and the pause menu is now readable.

AP Gained From Boosters needs to be depreciated.
And I guess... that's it? Yeah that's about all I'd like to mention this time. I'm nearly done with another big part of the game, so yay!

Ah yes, Recognitions are DT3's Achievements, but I'm not revealing those and their silliness. I'll probably be fairly quiet on posting for the remainder of the year sooo... see you all next year and have a great holiday thingie-ma-bob!


I Didn't Want To Do This

As an online identity, as ZephyrBurst, a guy who (for now) makes hobbyist games, I had chosen to stay silent for current issues in gaming culture. I've never supported GG, and never will, but I also didn't want to be part of any of that. All I want to do is make and play video games. I just like things to be simple. I have been watching it all unfold since this stuff blew up in August, but I've remained an on-looker.

However, I can't be silent anymore and really, a silent supporter is useless. Things have become a bit more personal now. A friend of mine has been a target of the misogynistic bullshit that is happening and its been an eye opener in all this. I will be speaking out against inequality and unfairness from this point on.

I would like to note that this will probably be the only post about this on the blog, but in the places I may frequent where these discussions occur, I'll be there. You may see my twitter get a bit heated from time to time as well. I've watched this stuff from the sidelines for way too long and its been angering.

Blog Update
We'll be returning to DT stuff after this, which by the way, I'm making some dedicated pages for the three games. The first draft buttons on the side will link to the start of those. I'll be expanding those and getting a better format sometime this month. (Maybe? or January :P DT dev tends to come first.)