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DT3 and some Birds

Wait... I already posted the screenshot displaying the arrival of more birds to the game. Here's a grackle then.

He still won't get too close, but he visits every day. It's a somewhat young male grackle. He couldn't fly when I first saw him a month ago because his wing was messed up. It still is today, but he's able to fly now. Not as well as other grackles, but he's figured it out despite the handicap. He'll probably be like that forever though. Looks like he got the wing injured while he was still developing... well he still is.

I may try to get a good picture of Alexander up-close, he's also a daily bird. Actually he's the first one I tend to see every day, and usually before I even get to the building to clock in for the day.
In case you haven't seen him, here's the video again.

Random Useless Numbers
These are all what is in the current project, this will change by the end. (Which is getting closer. Dear god when is this project going to end?)

There are:
-110 music files
-122 sound files
-228 different enemies (35 of them are boss encounters)
-510 collectibles (This includes chests and all that)
-65 useless stats tracked (This includes the highest number of bubbles seen on screen, that's important to someone, so it must be tracked!!!!)

The Forest Palace in Gate 2
I believe I said at one point that I really didn't like this level. You may remember it from the demo, probably not, it was forgettable. (The one with the fake floors and the dragon boss from Zelda 2.)

Well I've gone and done what I set out to do. The old one from the demo was trashed because that's what it deserves and a new one has taken its place.

You might remember this layout from the original. It's the only thing (along with the block puzzle) that I kept in this version of it. The rest is completely new and with a puzzle that spans over the entire level. I won't reveal the gimmick used here, you'll find out in a few months when the game is released.

More NZZ Madness, but in DT2
In which he displays mastery of DT2 mechanics.

And then reduces all difficulty to seemingly, zero.

And one thing in DT1. He recently put up a video boss guide for the bosses in DT1 for all difficulties. Here's the Shroud Lord.


Post #210

I missed the 200th post mark, anyway... This post was going to be a drama filled mess, but why do that when I can post a screenshot?

The above screenshot displays what is probably my new favorite DT3 boss fight. It uses some mechanics that were normally reserved for just exploration and obstacle surpassing. It turned out pretty great I think.

And now for another shot. (Because I don't want to spoil how the above encounter works.)

More birds have invaded the game. Look at these little guys, they're just so adorable. Also another change to the game is that the dive-bombing birds will only fly away from Jerry.

There is now a short FAQ linked at the top alongside the Contact Me page and the very coveted Squirrel Spider. Don't lie to yourself, you want one, more than you've ever wanted anything.


Another Pooooost

Edit: (7/4/14) Screenshot added.

Something to do with ghosts... or not.

I have a Let's Play video up for the first time ever where I talk waaay too much and derp up some audio stuff. Jeremy told me to buy Broforce and because I can, I did. Here's our first adventures into Broforce. There are player built levels that we're going to tackle next. Hopefully they're multiplayer as well, if they are, I'll do another video of those.

Jeremy's voice is no longer a mystery.
There's a bit of in-joke lingo we use. I didn't initially intend to upload the video, and was just recording for the sake of recording it.

DT3 Stuff
For this, I'm currently coding some sort of turret that can detach itself from the wall and then fly around raining down a hellstorm of bombs.

There's quite a bit going on here that isn't apparent in the image.


Another Great Game

Is Shovel Knight which was just released shortly ago. I don't think I need to say much about it. It's on the WiiU, 3DS, and PC (+Steam). The link there is the game's official site, which has all the infos and a video.

You could also check out Brian's LP of it. Looks like he's doing that and Tobias. He'll be finishing Tobias, he has no choice really.

DT3 Progress
Chapter 18 is going along well, slowly because real life is being a needy female dog right now. Lots of new AI to code as well. Jerry and Claire get to face off against probably the toughest enemies in the trilogy. These guys are the bulk of the end-game combat. Maybe a video to showcase just a single group, maybe not. Probably not, it gives away surprises.


I Feel Like I Need To Mention This

Have you heard about 'Tobias and the Dark Sceptres'? There's a link that I think you should follow in the previous sentence. This was shared to me by two people already. It's a game that was made in the span of 13 years, the video shown in the link 4 sentences ago will tell you all about it. I think you should have a go at this, I recently watched WhattayaBrian's first Let'sPlay video of the game and I'm getting some good vibes from it. It's an odd game, definitely made by someone who started it when they were young, with a few technical oddities. However, there's a certain charm about it that's really nifty and there's a lot of really cool little touches that show the creator really loved making it and put a lot of himself into it.

Brian's first LP video of it can be found by clicking anywhere on this entire sentence.


Enemy Support Units

I mentioned a long time ago that DT3 was going to have a group that all supported one another and mentioned a key unit in the group. That one being specifically a support unit that could heal/shield allies. This is no longer happening, but... it is happening. Instead I've repurposed that idea to be a bit more broad. In the later parts of the game, the protagonists are constantly facing off against a certain group, and within this group are various support units. Instead of having a single enemy type that can do everything and only support its squad, it can now support any ally within its faction. (Remember in the scan info, the icon that showed if it was a Mario or Zelda related enemy?)

Before this change, I was going to allow support bots to use their abilities on one another. With this more broad approach, I felt that would be a bad idea, and for science I tested it. It was rather disheartening to see a shielding bot being fully recovered by a healer when it was nearly down. Even worse though, was the healer being shielded. This constraint felt right after that.

The healers and shielders can only target a single unit at a time. Healers check all nearby units and prioritize both on the group's current HP% and a hidden value that all of that faction's enemies have. (Some of them are a hair bit more important than others.) At the time of typing this, they can heal up to 150HP/sec, but after doing more field tests, that may change. It tends to keep its target between it and the player, but it still has to be close to its target to heal.

The shielding bots can shield a single ally and make it completely invulnerable. It has no cooldown or overheat, so it's able to hold the shield indefiniately, however it has to be fairly close to its target to shield it. It isn't as active at playing 'keep-away' from the player as the healer.

There is one other type of support unit, but that one is a secret.

All support units have an auto-regeneration that (once again at the time of typing this) recover 15HP/sec.



After spending about 30 minutes trying to make an enemy that checks all of its allies HP% counts and tries to find the lowest one (which is easy), but may need to find the second or third next value, I remember that Game Maker has data structures and this could have been solved in seconds. Fuck me.

I know!

I drew a picture displaying my frustration with myself. Done in Photoshop for overkill.