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The 22nd Anniversary of a Cold

The title makes little sense, but so does getting sick and feeling dead this last weekend. Glad that's over.

Game Stuff
You would think that in celebration of Mega Man's 22nd Anniversary I would release an updated demo of the game considering the new content is the Mega Man area. Well guess what? I'm not releasing anything. Yeah I know sad face. :( Maybe a lack of planning, maybe a lack of being done with the area, and it could also be a lack of remembering it... probably all of these. So here's a screenshot instead.

Don't make assumptions that you will surely make anyway from the screenshot about the obvious changes in gameplay in this area. Also, pay no mind to the out of place blocks that you will surely notice. Before I end this brief message, I will add that yes, spikes do in fact result in the Game Over screen with a single touch.

Game Changes
-A Healing Post has been placed in the Dusty Ruins. One room before the boss cause I'm an ass.
-Very minor adjustments to a few bosses.
-Fixed up some grammar issues with the dialogue. On that note...

This will constantly be revised throughout the project. Consider this, all the story text for the entire first half of THFG was revised at least once. And the first few hours of the game revised (as well as select areas) roughly 3 times. The dialogue in a lot of cut-scenes for Distorted Travesty, I think anyway, is pretty bad. Before the final full release, expect a lot of the dialogue to be rewritten/edited.

Something that's a surprise to me, 2 people have asked if there will be a 4th unlockable difficulty setting. Is Hard not making you feel masochistic enough? There are no plans for a harder difficulty at this time, but who knows, some people get their wish. (I'll be making it like the Hard mode on THFG to where you can't wuss out and change the difficulty if this is made available to you.)

Edit: The post time is actually 2 hours later, blogger still thinks I'm in California. How cute.
2nd Edit: Fixed the time zone.


Slaix said...

Who the hell wants something worse than hard mode? Dear lord, I may like a good challenge, but for crying out loud!

Also, I don't hate all the beginning dialogue... I'll be sad to see it go. T___T

Jaffe said...

Completed it on normal mode I even got every power up from distorted windows... God i hate that zone.

ZephyrBurst said...

Wow, nice Jaffe. O_O Good job on that. I know people are finding some of the more obscure power up locations. :)

No worries Slaix, the dialogue won't be removed, but various edits will be done. I'll keep the same feel, but without it being awkward at times.