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I just had one of those Sonic Blast things which has nothing to do with this post so ignore that.

The project is almost over, so here is how things are going to go now. After this update with the forest, you will have one more update with a new area. There are only two more updates I will be releasing. After that I will be creating all the content for the final chapter of the game, once all that is done, I'll release it all for testing. The game will be in beta then, so yay! This should happen at the end of August or sometime in September hopefully. The beta phase should take about 2 months with things going back and forth with the bug finding and fixing. Plus all that stuff that wasn't put into the game earlier.

Removed Content
There's something you don't want to see. Here's what will be removed. The Conjure ability has been taken out. It was just a test to see how everyone reacted to them and how well they worked with the game. All in all, they're no good for the game. The event with Blazing will flow the same and he will still join with you, however, he will show up on his own. There is a constraint to him appearing. He will only show up when the Shrouds find you. He'll do different things to them, none of which will take from your energy. The other summons will not appear at all. I had only released two of them, so you'll only miss the water summon, Muuguru. The spot where you get Muuguru will be replaced with... nothing. Look in your skill window in Version 12 to see.

I was tempted to remove the bullet hell section, but it will remain in the game. Mostly as a minigame type of thing, though that one spot will still be mandatory. I have actually only heard good things about it despite not a lot went into it. It's very basic as far as bullet hells go. I attribute it to that section breaking up the gameplay.

That's all I wanted to announce today. This upcoming update (version 12) will be the last big update. (Version 13 will be fairly small.) Version 14 will be quite a large update and will also be the beta version. It will probably be a long process, but it'll get done. Yay to the game being completely done before 2011.

Thank you everyone that has followed the project this far and provided me with bug reports of all different kinds. The project wouldn't be what it is without all of you. <3

What's Next?
What do you mean what's next? I just said... oh, what's after Distorted Travesty? I'll be making Distorted Travesty 2: The Sequel to the Prequel. Actually not really. This will be the only game; no series for this. What am I really doing? I know, but I'm not telling. Maybe getting a life... no, that won't happen... That's a scary thought.

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