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Fixed Up Beta

My brother's wife had her kid this last Sunday and it's a boy. I heard back from him yesterday and they are out of the hospital, which means both her and the baby are doing well. So it was an exciting weekend.

I've released an update to the beta with all the stuff I've fixed up. Some of the changes include:
-No longer having to press [L] to reach your equipment in the inventory submenu.
-No lag in The Hideout, fixed up the code for the conveyor belts there. The conveyor belts also keep objects moving at a consistent speed now. Note: Some conveyors may move you a bit slower or faster than previous versions.
-1 more skill capsule.
-Lots of fixed up typos.
-A few more binary indexes that give irrelevant info.
-Rave mode music now stops when moving to another map. (It didn't do this for all maps.)
-A few level changes.

Game Manual
-The pdf manual is also included with the game download now.
For a bit of time, I've placed the pdf in its own download here and here if you don't want to download this update but want the manual.


Jaffe said...

no changes to watter barrier?

Slaix said...

@Jaffe: I KNEW I couldn't be the only one who noticed that! XD

ZephyrBurst said...

I'm surprised too. Even after 50 something changes.