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Distorted Travesty 2 News

Edit: (February 28, 2011) Here's a small boring update to show that I'm still working on it. I think I might go back to regular weekly updates soon. Since this is just a small edit, here's a screenshot.

Edit: (February 17, 2011) Looks like I will be done by March, yay. Almost everything except the last area is ready to play. This project was meant to be a lot shorter, was only going to be a 10 minute game, but wound up making a completely new game out of it.

I'll talk more about the game differences from the original DT. Aside from it being the same game engine behind this, it's a fairly different game. The focus is much more on platforming and level obstacles. A lot of your spell usage may not even be for offensive purposes. Most enemies can be defeated with 2 or less attacks, so the levels move along much quicker. That said, you will be pretty much forced to understand elemental weaknesses, much more so than DT. Using an element that an enemy has even a partial resistance to will quickly run you out of energy. As for the enemy cast, some are borrowed from DT, but it has mostly its own cast of them. The only returning enemies are the Mario enemies seen early on in DT.

Damage and element resists are handled much simpler in this. No more negative values to indicate weakness. (that was kind of a bad idea in my opinion, I could have used a much better way to show that.) Instead, an enemy only has a resistance to a specific element instead of a weakness. There is no leveling up or weapon upgrades, so the base damage will always be 20. If you dealt less than that, you're not attacking with the right element. That or you need to do something to drop its defense. Although this is RARELY the case and will only take effect in boss battles.
Anyway, back to creating these levels that make me cry.

Edit: (February 15, 2011) Happy Val... oh screw that. Here's a random screenshot of a rather nasty situation. :D

I'm feeling nice today, so here's a little teaser video of some gameplay footage in DT2.
DT2 Teaser

As it says in the video description, I'm aiming for an early March release of the game. I think I can make it. So far the game is coming along great. Though playtesting the final builds of the later levels and trying to get the target scores is making me cry, you will understand when you play them. Remember, every pain you feel from playing these levels, I have to feel it even worse. T_T

Since the game is short, the difficulty will curve quite fast. There is a very noticeable difficulty spike at each new world. Worlds being 3 levels plus a boss fight. There are 3 worlds, plus a special set of 2 levels. Each level aside from the final one can be completed in 1-3 minutes.

No screenshot, you got an entire video this time!

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