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Edit: (August 28, 2011) Haven't done an edit update in over a month. These will be pretty rare now it seems. Anyway... Yep. (No it's not a screenshot.)

I'm not dead, I simply had my birthday on the 22nd... which doesn't really mean anything for this blog or delays or lack of delays in posts. It was fun, with lots of cake eating. On an unrelated note, the update coming to Lineage 2 this fall has me wishing I still played the game. (Not really.) But the content sounds pretty awesome. Lineage 2, to me, is actually a really bad game, just with an awesome atmosphere, and a game world that isn't watered down for the masses. Mainly the open world pvp and how unforgiving it is with that aspect. The soon to be applied update seems to encourage more of this pvp. Hopefully the world of Lineage 2 becomes a crazy war zone... More than it was before. On yet another unrelated note, the magic of friendship returns on Sept. 17th. And you guys thought the ponies would end. :P

Gate Design Magic
Like I did with Gate 1, roughly the first 1/3 to 1/2 of it was trying to stick closer to how the original would set up their levels. It worked out really well for Mario levels. Straight up platforming translates well regardless of the previously mentioned sprite size differences. For this Zelda 2 clone, (at least for the first part) it didn't go as smoothly. The biggest difference is Zelda 2 is not really a platformer. Practically all of its difficulty comes from the enemy encounters. DT and Zelda 2 do not play at all alike, their combat is radically different. With my enemy choice, this made the first dungeon in Gate 2 laughably easy. It actually works out well as a tutorial level for the basics of combat in DT3. (Hit the attack button.) But it lets the player understand the nuances of it at that level. Of course it will continue to evolve...

Like DT1, this will eventually bring back air dash chains and like DT1, they will be required. Staggering your aerial momentum will still be a part of combat. Just not in Gate 2. And of course more refined and less clunky than DT1.

On an ending note, a lot of content was completed.


Amatsu said...

Been watching this blog for a bit now, just beat DT1 and 2. Can't wait to give DT3 a go...will we see more screenshots or possibly a video in the near future of what you've done so far?

ZephyrBurst said...

Screenshots definitely. I think for the next post, it'll be a list of screenshots just to break up the dead zone of not having them often lately.

I'm holding back since there's not a lot of playable content I want to show right now. I had actually meant to release a short video 2 months ago. Some day soon I'd like to release one. :)

I'd rather show gameplay outside of the gates, but for the first few chapters, most of the gameplay is strictly through them. After Gate 2 is done, I'll have something more substantial to show. There is a dungeon in there I'll be showing quite a bit of in the near future though.

Amatsu said...

Sounds pretty awesome, and definately understandable about delaying a video release. I'm a level developer for Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, and I've found releasing a video of things when they are ready to be recorded is better then trying to record something half complete and not showing even a tenth of what you want to show.

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah awesome, you already know I follow that project then. Well a little bit, I'm a horrible fan. :P I'm never active in checking updates on it or being part of any discussions.

More of a curiosity question here. What's your favorite part of working on MK Fusion?

Amatsu said...

I've really enjoyed my efforts at level design. Ever since they released the dev files for the game, I've been tinkering with them, and to my surprise when I released a few screenshots, all I got was requests for more. It's a great feeling when your work is enjoyed by multiple people. I really gotta try my hand at coding, though.