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Edit: (September 30,2012) DT2 got a small patch. The 'exe only' link has returned as well. Mainly to fix those issues found with the shooter level and assisting with chaining on its end boss. An edit was made to the final sequence involving the game over screen. The random piece and rotation on level 4-1 has not been changed yet.

NegativeZeroZ did a really awesome thing. He's got a video of beating the Shroud Lord on Distorted and looks pretty awesome doing so. Check it out here. His use of Wind Burst near the end had to be my favorite part. Check the video info as well, he's left a very detailed dealy-bob on what methods he used and why he used them.

On that first game, has anyone ever pressed Enter in the save room? The answer to the question given is what the S rank was supposed to reveal, but I'm a derp and forgot to have it actually give, though I don't know of anyone actually getting an S rank without screwing with their save data. The answer may be revealed years down the road and has nothing to do with the game.

Close Encounter
More bird stuff. This one was about 1 foot from my feet when I took the picture. She was pretty pleased when I dropped food around me. A lot of the birds know they can approach me, but very few will come within 6 feet. Even fewer will come as close as this one did.

This bird followed me all day. I'm not entirely sure what she was so curious about, but my guess is she found a bug to eat.

This is a different bird from the previous image. She came very close, right up to my feet.

You saw the bird on the right (our right) two images ago. The other looks very curious.

There she is again.

A small gathering of them that tracked me down. The bird on the right also appeared in three of the images before this. One is scratching an itch, and the one close to the bird following me was caught mid-blink.

And there she is again. She found me all throughout the day. When I pressed the button on the camera, she was looking up at me, but it looks like the time I press and the time it takes for the camera to actually take a picture is enough time for her to glance down.

Still haven't been able to get a picture of my bird, but he's only around during the morning and afternoon. I've either been too busy to be around during that time, or I'm not around till later when the grackles are all getting ready to roost. During that time, he's way up at the top of a tree calling out to the flock. I've been good about remembering my camera, so eventually I'll get a picture of him. I just hope he doesn't move somewhere else during the season change cause it won't be till about March or April that he would come back.

Yay Video Games
Since the 18th, I've been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 and been enjoying it a ton. I haven't played a game this much since uh... the first Borderlands. Been playing it with a friend.

Color Wheels in DT3
Will they show up? Yes, but not for very long and their role has changed a bit. Since the HUD no longer shows the color order, a new HUD element is added that shows the order the wheels demand. The wheels themselves are also removed, instead the HUD element will display when it demands the player to be in a specific place. It also constantly displays how far off a warning is, and a countdown will begin when it wants the player's attention. Unlike when they appeared in DT1 and DT2, they are not the main element of the level, but like before, they will be dictating player actions at times. The time between warnings is larger and the color fields are generally bigger. Oh yes, the color coded cannons and blades don't show up again.

The major reason for the bigger fields, aside from it being better to maneuver with, is they have new ways of interacting with the game. Some of them can move about, but that's minor. The bigger element is they now interact with certain enemies. I won't spoil anything else about those though. Their role has changed from being a major obstacle into more of a puzzle element. So yeah, to answer recent comments on their appearance in DT3, yes, but limited to one area again and not for very long.

Other Things
Next post I may rant about something if I can collect my thoughts on the subject properly. It's not DT related and I'll mark when the rant starts.


LostSoldier20 said...

Speaking of S rank, what are the requirements for that anyway? By that I mean, what are all the A level requirements?

Jaimers said...

Zephyr I think I broke something.

I think it happened after he landed on an Earth Shift block in some way.

ZephyrBurst said...

That is super special awesome. Yeah, it looks like he didn't land right. Hooray for my old collision detection routines.