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The War Room

If you played DT1, which if you're reading this, chances are that you did. You may remember near the end of the game the map labelled as the war room. It had a really positive reception from everyone and I really wanted to do it again.

I just got done with its DT3 iteration and I'm pretty pleased with it. That said, it does have a slightly different focus. In DT1, it was mostly about the player being overpowered. In DT3, I wanted to have the same idea of fighting hoards of enemies the player had fought before. But the focus isn't on the player being overpowered. They do get benefits exclusive to that segment though, that's still there, but not as great as before.

The end result is pretty chaotic, especially the final bits of it, and it looks fantastic in motion. I've been testing the end result for about an hour now, making small tweaks here and there and I'm pretty happy with it.

The other thing that I didn't limit myself on in DT1 was the player getting hit. Everything in DT1 was made so that the player could get through 'mostly' unharmed, with the exception of the war room and the 2 boss fights that follow. One of the big rules with DT3 that I have is that it MUST be able to be played flawlessly and be reasonable. Every segment of the game, with the exception of a few short moments. For purists, those few forced hits are not recorded.

Valdis Story
I saw that raocow is playing this and I think it looks great. I've had it recommended to me by two people now. I watched the first 4 parts of raocow's LP of it and I'm going to discontinue that, as I'm going to play the game after I finish DT3. I may even try doing a LP of it as well. It'll be a first for that.

LP of Distorted Travesty
It seems weird to me, but I've had it requested that I LP my own game. Normally I wouldn't do something like that, but considering the volume of requests and how old DT1 is now, I may do it. Again, it would be after DT3 is finished. I may ask around on that one though, maybe on the talkhaus, especially since quite a few DT players are there. I know I don't post there very much, but I do lurk... often. @_@


COD2918 said...

A few questions about this exciting news:

1.) Is there only one War Room like in DT 1 or does it consist of several maps?

2.) Is it part of a dungeon that generally has super powers as a theme or is it just that one room in a dungeon?

ZephyrBurst said...

Those are both spoilers. :3