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Another Anniversary

It's the 2 year anniversary for Planetside 2!
That is all.

Voted best Zephyr blog post.
-No one

In other news, by request: You can now change the game window size with your mouse, and the window will auto-correct itself to the 4:3 ratio.


ano0maly said...

And February would be the sixth year anniversary of this blog.

Alice said...

A little late to be asking this since I could have just asked when I pmed you on the talkhaus but do you have any intention of updating DT1 and 2 with the window resizing deal? I imagine it wouldn't be a high priority if you do, depending on how much work it is, but worth asking either way.

ZephyrBurst said...

It wouldn't be a big deal to update that. If I ever go back to those games, I'll bring a checklist of low hanging fruit.

There are things in DT3 that are fixed up that I just don't see me going back to fix up in the previous games because those fixes are so deeply rooted into many parts of the engine. Things like your suggestion are certainly things that can be ported back into the earlier games. I've got a post coming up about new things in DT3 that could also be put into DT1 and 2 without too much work.