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Very Short Break and Grackles

I'll be taking a break from DT3 for about 3-5 days while I work on a secret project for a friend. This will only delay DT3 for about 3-5 days, so no worries.

That final level is pretty sweet though.

So here's some videos of birds visiting me to hopefully tide you guys over till DT3 comes out. The Witcher 3 comes out like... tomorrow, play that, I've heard it's pretty good. And it has a 3 on the end of it!

Grackles 1
Grackles 2

Also to the comment made by Francois, 2 blog posts ago, I forgot to respond to you.
You said:
"Ah, magnifique, Monsieur le Burst!
Will there be another game similiar to DT with platforming and combat(but original sprites)?
Or a Zelda like top view game with your own sprites?"
I'm not exactly sure which idea of mine I want to do next. I may join a group of others and work on someone else's idea for a bit. I haven't done that in my own development time for awhile. At least that which wasn't small requests here and there.

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