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Release Date

Hype Build Up
09/25: Teaser 1
09/26: Teaser 2
09/27: Teaser 3
09/28: Teaser 4
09/29: Teaser 5
09/30: Teaser 6
10/01: Teaser 7

10/02: Hadriex Trailer

10/04: NZZ Trailer

About the Release Date
If you saw the tweet the other day then you already know when the game is being released. To state again, it is October 6th! That date is not changing this time.

So here's what happening. Hadriex got a hold of the beta back in early July. The game was been 'complete' since June 30th and up to this point, its been just fixing everything and putting in the last bits at the end of the game that I left out at first. I gave Hadriex the beta so he could get footage to make a trailer for the game. (And so he could be my guinea pig as well, little does he know, but don't tell him, HE CAN NEVER KNOW!)

But little did I know, that he was putting together not just a trailer, but a few teaser like trailers based on different parts of the game. NZZ, one of the testers that was on the project for most of its development time also made a trailer. I had an idea that I dropped by both of them (which Hadriex had already been thinking as well) that I'd release one of Hadriex's teasers per day, then NZZ's trailer, then the game after that. Hadriex already has the teasers scheduled to be posted on youtube at 3:00am central US time every day they are to be released. I doubt I'll be up at that time to put up a link, but the morning of, usually around 9am-10am, I will edit this message with another link to a teaser/trailer at the top.

OR you can subscribe to Hadriex's youtube channel here and you don't need to go through my shenanigans. If you're a crazy person that's up at 3am central time like I am (sometimes) you'll get the video right away. So here's the release schedule:

Sept 25 - Oct 2: Hadriex teasers (There are 7 + 1 thing)
Oct 4: NZZ trailer
Oct 6: GAME RELEASED!! (At midnight)

On the 6th because while I'll be away that day, I will be around during the 7th and 8th should anything weird, like the game ending the world or something, and only I can fix it by patching a bug... just as long as it doesn't happen before 10pm on the 6th.

Other Things and Acknowledgements
The project has had a lot of input from the testers and they have all helped out tremendously, including sticking with the project despite my oddities. Some of them many of you may know, others, you may not recognize their Internet handles. Those guys are:
Amatsu Darkfyre
Koishi the Rock
NegativeZeroZ (NZZ)

They all had their things they tried to focus on during the project, which was helpful.

Hadriex of course was a big help there at the end due to his being used as a test subject, err, providing a completely blind playthrough of the game, as well as receiving a constant barrage of updates throughout. The guy probably has like 20 versions of the game, some of them having broken states here and there.

Alice from the Talkhaus provided useful suggestions from time to time.

WhattayaBrian was super helpful for providing suggestions on various game mechanics. He's a very knowledgeable person when it comes to code practices and gameplay concerns. Definitely someone I'd like to work with in the future.

Alrighty, that's all for now, and I'm sure I'm missing some people.  Anyway, the wait is almost over!


Anonymous said...

Hour by Hour, Day by day... the hype still grows!!!!

Hadriex said...

...Now if I can just beat the last boss before the game is released. It would be awfully embarrassing if someone picks the game up in early October and beats it before I manage to.

LostSoldier20 said...

I'll just consider this a 2-day late Birthday present.

And just as I was thinking of going back to DT1 and playing on the Nightmare mode. No time to do that with 3 right around the corner!

Alice said...

Oh man, now I'm not going to be in the mood to play any of my games for the next ten days or so, lol.

Unknown said...

Looks amazing!

Marcus Eralice said...

AMATSU?! I KNOW THAT GUY! He never gave any spoilers...

Anonymous said...

I so wanna watch those teasers, but I don't want to spoil myself on the later areas. Oh well, already sufficiently hyped about this game since I played the demo however long ago that was. Between this and Transformers: Devestation, October 6th is gonna be a great day.

Audrian said...

I like it when you say "midnight" but do not specify the fuse.

Anonymous said...

The release time is midnight in Tabuaeran, of course!