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Strangeness (Ver

Edit: Yes, I'm aware that the new HUD element is placed behind the water doobally-do HUD thing in the desert, that'll be corrected in the next patch, whenever that is.

Patch Notes (Version
Quite a few changes and additions this time. And a new play mode!

- When the following locations are completed, you can teleport to their starting room.
  - Mountain Temple
  - Displaced Construction Site
  - Magical Castle

- You will now start with full ammo for all weapons upon dying... because I'm merciful.

- There is now a new HUD element displaying which Ability Set each character currently has equip. This will not display unless both characters can equip at least 1 of their 2 main abilities. (And does not display during the Ch.16 event.)

- The boss at the end of the Magical Castle now has a sound effect for his large laser attack. (See note below.)

- The equipment items [Mystic Dagger] and [Blessed Vessel] had their debuff effect reduced from 50% to 20%. (This was actually in the previous version, but I did not note it, so I decided to arbitrarily note it now.)

- There is now a new mode called [One Hit Kill Mode] where you die in one hit from everything. This can be paired with Nightmare mode if you really don't like yourself. The game will inform you on how to unlock it the same way it does with Nightmare mode. If you've beaten the game once, then you'll have this displayed the same as nightmare mode already.

- There is now a new record that counts how many birds you have seen on screen.

- And of course, more birds! (And a new pointless map on the north-west side of Central City.)

Other notes: There were 2 new sound effects added for this version, so an extra link is provided that has these 2 new sound files. They will be hosted on my dropbox only, as I'm not going to clutter up the host's ftp with these sorts of things. Just place these in the Sounds folder and boom, you're ready to go. (I also included the updated air bubble sound, which you can replace if you'd like.) These new sounds are not necessary, but for extra clarity on a late game boss, I recommend them.

Non-DT Stuff
We got up to 75F here and it's December.


SefiCompacto said...

I beat the magical castle boss literally less than 24 hours ago and would have loved that sound damn

Herbethe said...

Wow Zephyr, do you want me to play again a third time?

Cyn said...

Jesus, I make it to Warship on nightmare and you immediately turn around and throw down Hell or Hell mode as an even bigger gauntlet? Damn, Zephyr. Time to sink in another 200 hours :P

ZephyrBurst said...

Don't do it. One Hit Kill was a request specifically from only 2 people. :P
It's easy to implement, so why not.

ano0maly said...

Honestly, I don't see the point in adding these extra hard modes for the sake of it. I would rather see practical modes that are fun to play and would be an improvement to the game.

I was wondering if instead of the current nightmare mode, there could be a permanent assist mode, where damage you take is indeed reduced by half but you are locked out from collecting most of the items. It would make an interesting alternate mode where you start the game taking less damage but your stats are handicapped, which might help speedruns not focused on item hunting.

As for this one hit kill mode, maybe you could gain big stat boosts and benefits (high damage, infinite energy/ammo, things like that) in exchange for dying in one hit (or a chance to die in one hit). Kind of like the Death Ring from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.

NegativeZeroZ said...

Handicapped stats means lower DPS, which is completely not ideal for speedruns, or any kind of playthrough. Playing through the entire game on Assist Mode would actually be HARDER than playing Normal Mode, because even though you halve damage, you only get 9 hearts out of 20. It might make the first few major bosses easier but the benefits drop off significantly from there. Even if a speedrunner only picked up the Power Glove and the DPS-boosting items found at the end of Nightmare Gates, they'd still get the game finished faster than someone who can tank more hits but does only base damage.

Nightmare Mode already is an "interesting alternate mode." The lack of upgrades completely changes the approach to most non-Mario-related boss fights, and the allowance of Heart Containers as an exception to the mode's rules keeps the challenge from being completely unfair, since the game is balanced around the player being guaranteed to have those, at minimum. Even though a 3-heart run is possible, the game isn't built for that to be fun.

That's why I never asked for a OHKO mode and proposed Nightmare Mode as an alternative, though it seems it made its way in anyway. Honestly, it's not even comparable to Hell and Hell. That mode wasn't even as hard as Dante Must Die; the enemy placement and AI are only set to Hard/Son of Sparda, and you had the Gold Orbs, so even though you died in one hit, it was pointless because you could get hit 3 times and live, which in some cases was MORE lenient than Dante Must Die's habit of trapping you in a combo and shitting on your health bar in one go. Resurrecting 3 times after being hit and being given i-frames for your trouble is child's play after beating Dante Must Die. And on top of that you get your Gold Orbs back between checkpoints if you get Game Over. Beating Hell and Hell isn't much of a feat, it's just that most players read the description and give up before trying it.

I'm always on board with the idea of being a glass cannon though. I've played DT1 on "Heaven or Hell" rules, it gets pretty silly later on with the screen-filling attacks against armies of annoying enemies rendered cannon fodder with your insane stats.

WhattayaBrian said...

I am one of those 2 people. :D

Zephyr has told me that every screen has been designed and tested successfully for OHKO conditions. He has finished every screen no-damage.

I am certainly not ready for it yet, but one day, I plan to complete an OHKO run. But I wanted the game to enforce the challenge instead of me having to do bookkeeping on it. Having to pause and force game over every time I get hit is not my idea of a good time.

But OHKO Nightmare? A run of that would be something.

Cyn said...

The difficulty that Nightmare would add to OHKO mode from my experience would mostly just be that fights carry on longer, so there's more chance for you to make mistakes. Even then, its often not a huge amount longer, unless the fight is particularly long already. Once you can manage an OHKO run, adding no upgrades onto that wouldn't make things much more challenging than they already would be, the challenge would just be 'doing the OHKO run again, only using Nightmare mode tactics, which usually amount to having to use risky tricks you normally wouldn't use (eg. I doubt that many were using morph bombs as the primary damage on Deci 10k's armour phase the first time through since it means constantly getting in melee with it when its running undashable spam lasers and missile barrages, its required on nightmare because you have to push phases so quickly) to beat checks that you'd normally have upgrades to get through.

ZephyrBurst said...

OHKO mode only made it in because it was no effort to really put it in and would fill a thing that some were asking about and an alternative to what some thought nightmare mode was going to be. It really isn't meant to be stacked on top of nightmare mode, but I allowed it since why not.

It quite literally took like 5-10 minutes to fully implement, that includes making sure it saves/loads properly and editing that cutscene with the force hit on the player. Okay maybe 11 minutes.

If I do wind up adding other play types, what I'd do instead of another code, is simply have the game do what it did before with telling you about the one code for nightmare mode, but instead of that, it brings up a pop up menu where you just checkbox the settings you want. The reason for keeping it unlocked through a code is for those that might pick up the game again down the road or having a computer crash/wipe. No need to force players to redo the game again to play the alternate setting they may want.

Anonymous said...

now make a hardcore mode where
-if you die, the game closes itself
-you cant save the game other than very few checkpoints
-compatible with nightmare mode and ohko mode

ok im just kidding