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New Abilities in Modes That You Shouldn't Play

Edit: (4/22/2016) Get, it fixes a goof with the previous version. Patch notes below are still relevant as nothing has changed, just the Claire charge cannon damage has been fixed to match the values below.

Patch Notes (Version
- The little light pulses created by player weapons in dark maps linger a little longer and a few more have been added, namely a light trail created by missiles.

- Reduced Claire's charge cannon damage to 70% from 75% and each hit removes 1% of damage, down to a minimum of 50%.

- New special abilities added for each ability set that are Nightmare Mode exclusive.
NOTE: Some of you may have found a hidden ability with the Link Set while playing on Nightmare Mode where a certain button combination can be pressed to use a sword wave while at full health. These will now be noted in-game somewhere... possibly the north side of Central City.

- There is now a very noticeable level up notice when leveling up in Gate 6.

- Fixed an issue with Jerry's running hitbox to make it consistent with others.


Nekoishi said...

- New special abilities added for each ability set that are Nightmare Mode exclusive.

the sad thing is that I'm tempted to play nightmare mode to figure out what they are. Are they there to compensate for not having upgrades?

Tom H said...

Zephyr, you broke Samus's charge gun so it's now less powerful than ever before. Based on raocow's latest video, each frame deals 50% of Samus's normal damage, minus 1% per additional frame.

Justin Time said...

Found a weird glitch related to the double jump in maps where both Jerry & Claire are onscreen at the same time. If you double jump on one character, then switch to the other character while the first one is still somersaulting, the second character will also somersault... and be placed in "double jump" status, without getting the height boost. This doesn't exactly come up all that often, but it seems a bit strange. It happens regardless of even the second character's position, even if they're standing on the ground.

Ilvocare said...

Found a bug when playing through Gate 3. Was able to unlock the barrier leading to Death's Sanctum with only the Rib and Heart. I have pictures of the barrier being gone with only those two items, if needed to verify that the bug actually happened and it wasn't a fever dream on my end.

I still got the Eye regardless, but I thought I should mention it.

Jaimers said...

That new Belmont ability for Nightmare Mode seems to break the game whenever you throw it at a wall:

Also -10 hearts is pretty good.

ZephyrBurst said...

All of that (and more) will be fixed (has been on my end) on the next patch.

Ilvocare said...

Figured I should mention something that I'm not certain is a real bug or not. Got to Gate 4's final boss, fought him a lot, got tired, saved and quit the game. Booted it back up and found myself at the beginning of the room LEADING UP to him. I went through all that again, and tried to figure out how to have my save start at the entrance to the boss. Apparently I needed to leave the boss encounter, THEN save in order for that to happen? Is that intentional?

ZephyrBurst said...

That's a strange one that I haven't encountered.