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I Get Quiet... Also Birthday Today

Edit: (9/17/16) I should have mentioned this well over a month ago. I've been a bit slow on this, but I'll be getting the other download links back up soon. Alice had to switch hosts (this was done quite awhile ago and the links being down is all me here being way too slow) so a bit of reworking had to be done. I'll definitely have them up when the 1.5 version is released. Maybe that's when I'll actually get them back up? I haven't had even close to the bandwidth limit a free dropbox account allows since the initial release of the game. (Another thanks to Alice for the mirror back then. Shut up Alice, I know you don't think you need to be thanked, but it really was a big help.) :P

After playing both AM2R and the original Metroid 2, I can safely say that AM2R is much better. Maybe I'll post a review proper sometime to talk about all the stuff I liked/disliked, but that won't be today. Reviewing in the journalistic sense isn't my thing, but who knows!

Right after playing the two games, I was convinced via being bought Axiom Verge by WhattayaBrian to play and stream the game. A game that I now very much enjoy and will definitely go get 100%, most likely off-camera. Axiom Verge is a Metroid styled game, and was fitting to play after all the Metroids that were hunted prior. Though their gameplay definitely goes in very different ways, maybe calling it Metroid styled would be wrong? In any case, I won't be doing a comparison between the two, I suck at reviewing.

Then the same person mentioned and then gifted me LISA. I'll also be streaming that one soon. I do feel that with the type of game it is that I'm not going to talk as much. If it's the type of game I think it is, yes. Looking forward to it, as it seems like a game I'll enjoy.

Oh yeah, it's my birthday today!

DT3 Stuff
There IS still a final patch upcoming. The release date I'd love for it is October 6th as that's the game's first anniversary. However, with what's been going on and my limited time the last couple months plus the next 2 and a half-ish months, I'm not sure I'll get done what I want to do for the game. (The streaming really doesn't take that large of a portion of time, all things considered.) Good news is that one of the new additions is Spring Ball which has been suggested often, especially while Metroid 2 has been on the minds of everyone. There's not really a lot that I want to get done, so we'll see. As for the other stuff I'm doing to the game, I'll keep that a secret till a bit closer to release.

And now for the best moments of the AM2R stream!

Where I should be more excited about Space Jump acquisition
Brian did say to do it at the end
So many Brians
Metroid is the best Metroid


DarkSonicTrail said...

Happy Birthday! May you have another great year!

DarkSoncTrail said...

Also just gonna leave this here, thank you for these 3 great games, your reception, all of it! I'm sorry these aren't quite well known as they should...But i really wish you the best of times, have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Bit late, but happy birthday anyway!
So, will the final patch contain the Bubble Key, or perhaps open the 'DLC Required' spot in Gate 6?

Ilvocare said...

I should've bappied you a hirthday earlier. My bad.

ZephyrBurst said...

Thanks you guys. Late is totally fine! :3

The upcoming patch may have the Bubble Key. Nothing will ever happen with the 'DLC Required' spot, it's just a silly joke on the prevalence of DLC. (Not that I hate DLC. I think it's a good thing overall.)

LostSoldier20 said...

Even later than the rest happy Bird Day!

And looks like I'll need to test out these new rooms in Achilles mode!
*fires up the masochism machine*

Herbethe said...

Something new in the Boss Galery? A Spire of Forgotten Souls like dungeon?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the last door in the Boss Gallery, after the door for the final boss, doesn't seem to contain anything. I've beaten the game already, is there something in that door that I haven't unlocked yet? Or will it be something contained in the new patch?

ZephyrBurst said...

I won't say for what, but they'll be used in the new patch.

Anonymous said...

Well now, something in the boss gallery? A secret fight perhaps?
Or perhaps a boss rush mode for the hardcore masochists out there?

Justin Time said...

Happy belated birthday. ;o