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New patch is ready!

Patch Notes
  • Equipment increasing the drop rate of items have been buffed significantly.
  • More bosses have camera locks.
  • After the first attempt on the Abomination boss fight, all following attempts will skip the 17 second intro upon 'starting' the fight as you normally would. The boss gallery variant will always skip the opening with the timer resetting when the player starts the fight. The gold time has been adjusted.
  • Deci20k fight now has a checkpoint after John shows up. The boss gallery variant will always start at this checkpoint. The gold time has been adjusted.
  • The option 'Up to Unmorph' has been changed to 'Morph Controls' and the option to allow double tapping down to morph has been added to it.
  • A new door in Bubble Tower B side has been added. All the lower doors are now numbered. The new door is 6!
  • A bunch of other small fixes/changes.
  • More birds.


Anonymous said...

SO, this is the last DT3 update?

Reid FitzHugh said...

Those two missing doors are very intriguing, Zephyr...
I wonder what insanity will be on the other side.

ZephyrBurst said...

It's looking to be the last one.

As for the doors, they can be opened, but one requires some not so obvious thing.