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Progress Was Made

Edit: (October 31, 2010) I think I may release an update soon with the new revamped sound system. Everything, including the music will be changed. I'll include an option to turn the sound changing system off if you don't want the various effects from it. This only includes the low health changes, the rest will stay on.

Anyway, this little edit is mostly about Slaix' play-through of the game on Hard mode. He's done a lot of other play-throughs of underground games and Distorted Travesty is his next game. He is actually taking a break on posting his current LP ("Let's Play" for those that don't know the term) as it is a very large game and is now posting Distorted Travesty. He will probably take a break from posting this one about half way through and continue with the other to another major point, then finish up this play-through. Anyway, the link to the playlist is here and on the sidebar now.

Edit: (October 27, 2010) The new version with the updated sound has been uploaded. Since the sound buzzing was the last of the major bugs, I've decided to call it complete. It is no longer considered beta, it is done. I will still fix reported bugs and all that jazz though, I definitely won't abandon the project. The music is still not using the new sound though. It's going to be a bit tricky to get the music to work with how I have the code set up. Gonna have to rewrite a few things, which will take some debugging time. Working with it kinda killed my inner child a bit, so I'm going to put that on hold for now.
On the changed noted below about the sound changing when your life is in critical range, that is disabled if the low health warn is turned off.
Oh yeah, save files are still not encrypted. :P

I did something on the game today. I fixed the sound buzzing bug, yay! The game is now using the supersound extension, however only the sound effects are using it. The music is still using GM's default sound system for now. Until I can find a method for converting the midi to ogg files without a huge spike in file size, it will remain this way... Unless everyone doesn't mind a 20-30 MB increase to file size because I'm estimating it to boost by that much. That really doesn't seem so bad. I'm going to play around with things and see what I can do. Once you see an edit to this post, the new version with the new sound system will be in place.

Note: There might be a few crash bugs that slipped through while I was converting the game's sound. Luckily most of the sound plays through one place in the game code.

Game Changes
The new sound system has allowed me to do something I've wanted to do since the beginning and that's change pitch of some of the sounds based on what is going on. Your attack swing will change pitch based on your hit combo, the higher it goes, the higher the frequency. When your life is in the danger zone, all the sounds will slow down. (When/if I get the music converted, it will do the same, it's quite a humorous effect, especially when you get hit.)
Some of the sound effects will sound a bit different, in my opinion everything sounds much better.
The game runs a bit more efficiently now, GM's sound functions, including the loading calls, eat up more memory than supersound's functions.
Remember the slight memory leak I mentioned before. Well it's gone now... well sorta. It's even smaller, once I have the music converted to this system too, all the memory leaks will be gone.


linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

FINALLY, sry bout my misunderstanding, u may want to kill me, but dont worry, ill do it by myself xD , well, the bad thing, i wont b able to download ur game now cuz im on Chile n i guna b here for a month :[ , well, gd luck with ur projects.

ZephyrBurst said...

That's alright. :)

And the only updates that will be happening are to the sound system, most likely.

linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

i´d finally found another computer WITH internet which i can check stuff xD , oh, it remind me that im bad with sound system xD , but i have a friend who makes music n sound´s stuff, he helped me with some sound system :P , well, nothing to do with this xD ,something else, im VERY sry with my ignorance (my main language is spanish, but ive lived on England over 2 years, that´s y my english isnt that gd) but, what u meant in the "original post"??? is that "u need someone to help u with the sound system" or "u finished/completed with the sound system"??? or, something else??

ZephyrBurst said...

It meant I'm done. I have the music converted to use it now too as well as the save file encryption done. Right now I'm testing various things to make sure it is decrypting everything properly and that the sound system runs correctly in all scenarios.