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Edit: (November 10, 2010) A few people have had some trouble with the sound extension. It doesn't seem to be loading in the sound effects at times. For those of you that this happens to, you're SoL... okay not really. It seems to be a sound card issue. Your best bet is to update your sound drivers. On the note of drivers, if you get an error message the moment the game starts saying something close to "Failed to initialize surfaces", you may need to update your video drivers. These and/or a restart, I hope will help out some of you.

For what I'm doing next, this screenshot sums it up nicely.

This is it, this should be the last update ever. (Aside from bug fixes that are reported.) It has the new sound system fully in place. The sound changes cannot be turned off anymore, there's no need for it.

The game loads a bit faster now since it streams all the music files into the game, which means it doesn't take as much memory to run. It will stream them in and out of memory now. (I have yet to see any loading breaks in the game due to this.) The sound effects are not streamed however, they are loaded in the same way they were before. The memory leak mentioned earlier has now been completely fixed, yay!

The encryption on the save files is done... it is not "real" encryption. The values are just mixed up when they are saved to the ini file and converted back after the game loads them in. But it does hide everything now. (Feel free to try figuring out what I did, it's probably not that hard to crack.)

----- READ ME -----
Note: This version is NOT compatible with previous versions of the game. The save files are still read, but your data will be loaded incorrectly. It keeps your progress, but all of your stats will be screwed up and most likely lower. (Some may magically be higher.) Another note about this, since the game no longer uses mp3s, the older EXE versions will not load the new music files. So do not update your music folder, treat this as a separate game now if you make this update. If you are starting over or this is your first time playing, ignore this.

I ran through all key points in the game and made sure all the sound changes work. All that should be bug free. A few other minor bugs were found and fixed as well as one crash bug with a boss in Black Rock.

As always, have fun and thanks to those of you who have followed this project for so long and put up with my numerous bugs, delays, and other shenanegans. Oh yeah, file size only went up 8 MB.

Reminder: Slaix is doing a play-through on Hard and posting it here.


DarkYoshi is awesome said...

man this game is excellent and really well done. once again, great job yoshi! I'm looking forward to seeing your next big projects and I will definitely watch the entire lets play of this game.

Scared link said...

O-O Looks difficult.. And painful...

ZephyrBurst said...

Nice link on your name there "DarkYoshi is awesome".

I did, at one point, have a website with my own domain name. It was my portfolio site for my 3D work. This was waaay back in 2005 when I was on top of 3D modeling and texturing techniques. I still remember it all and still paint a few textures from time to time, but as far as 3D modeling goes, I have not done that in quite some time. I don't really have a passion for creating art, at least not in that sense. My passion is more in level design and implementation. I like to experiment with abstraction a lot.

I took the site down because I wasn't updating it with new work and it wasn't representing me the way I wanted. I may get another site someday, but for now, a blog is fine for me.