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Edit: (April 23, 2011)  Going to release an update to DT2 soon.
-Twin Bloom's threshold for hiding was boosted so they don't hide quite as often. The target time was reduced by 2 seconds due to this.
-The spin threshold for the end of the Core fight was slightly reduced.
-The random meteors in the final level were removed in favor of a more scripted sequence.
-A new enemy named "Dopple" was placed in levels 2-3 and 3-1 so now all levels are completely chainable. Dopple doesn't do anything aside from be pathetic. Everything is a 1 hit kill to it and if you manage to take damage from it, it's only 1 damage. The target score on 2-3 has increased by 200, and 3-1 by 100. Dopple is worth 10 points on its own.

This really has nothing to do with biscuits.

Well if you've beaten part 2, even without 100%, then I'm sure you've figured out what's coming up. In the next blog post, I'll talk about how it's going to work. I can say right now though, that you shouldn't be expecting it within the next year... most likely even next 2 years. It also looks like my attention will be drawn to a small group project for a bit of time, this isn't confirmed yet, but the project sounds really fun. It wouldn't be right of me to say what it is right now. I can and will say hoverboards and being awesome. That's all I should say on it.

The fixes to part 2 are still in the works. I'm thinking Tuesday. (Argh, I really shouldn't say a date.) Oh and by the way, Portal 2 will be released tomorrow around this time. That is unless the playing of the games quota is met. Doesn't look like it will. I'm sure a lot of you are looking forward to it, I know it's going to be awesome. Yay for calling out of work 'sick' to play it. Take THAT corporate manager whom is the bane of everyone's existence within the office! Hooray for being irresponsible with sick days!

Have fun, happy easter, and something else which I'm sure I'm forgetting. Go ahead and comment on the ending here if that is your preferred method. It should be safe now. Plus this line acts as a spoiler warning... or something.

No pictures with walls of text are no fun. So I'll once again post an image related to my latest obsession.
Apparently she was so insulted by Rarity's comment, she changed her mane color


slaix223 said...

Hey, Yoshi, you know how I reported that bug with the music and bosses and whatnot? Well, I was fighting the King Mech, died, and restarted the boss fight and got this as an error:

EXECUTION ERROR in creation code of room rFortL1_6
Error in code at line 36:
at position 12: Unknown variable tempMplay

It might reveal something, I dunno.

Also, do the following:

Get less than 20% HP.
Go into Rave Mode.
Get more than 20% HP before Rave Mode ends.
Listen as the slowed down music continues to play after you get out of Rave Mode.

ZephyrBurst said...

More sound bugs. They make me Q_Q
I'll get on that when I finish revamping DT2.