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Lots of Work & a Choice

Edit: (May 3, 2011) I'll be out of town for a few days. Be safe and have a great week. Also wow, you guys have added a lot of tropes to the trope page. Thanks for keeping that going. :)

Edit: (May 1, 2011) Feel free to suggest ideas for levels too. Also the GM8.1 update broke the supersound extension. I thought it was me, but it seems plenty of others are having the same problem. It's weird because I'm sure the sound was functioning 3 days ago in 8.1. Luckily sound isn't important right now, but this is still an annoyance.

DT3 is proving to be a lot to handle. No worries, it's nothing I can't handle. I knew it would be a lot going into it and I've prepared myself. (So many notes and spreadsheets. Excel is God's gift to organizers.) No really though, there's A LOT in this. O_O What Applejack said.

Suggestions for one of Claire's Ability Sets
One of Claire's Ability Sets are still in the planning phase, so here's where you guys can have some choice on what you'd like to see in the game. Either email me at "" (without the _) or leave a comment here on what game or character's abilities you'd like to see in the game. You can suggest just the overall idea or even ideas for the abilities themselves.

All Ability Sets have 3 main attacks and/or abilities and some have an extra active or even a passive ability as well. (Such as being able to block frontal attacks while in the Link set) The attacks are all set up as projectiles, though I won't rule out close range. This is for Claire, all of Jerry's abilities at this point are set. I may or may not announce which suggestion I choose. I probably won't as to keep it a surprise, though I will note who's suggestion I used for credits purposes. :)
Currently announced sets: Mario, Link, Samus.


Fool said...

Ooh, suggestions!

Since I assume you're doing all S/NES-era games, would a Final Fantasy-esque character set be possible? It could either be a generic class from I/III/V or a specific character, hm... You'd have a lot of material to go off of, at least, since RPGs have tons of skills and numbers to work with.

pewwy said...

Two words: Ryu Hayabusa.