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Edit: (February 2, 2012) DT1 was updated today. Nothing crucial, just a lot of minor changes/fixes that I had been making over the last month and a half.
- A lot of the spells and abilities had their costs changed slightly, mostly the Element cost went down for them. A few had their Spirit cost reduced slightly. Of these, can you guess which one was DEFINITELY changed again? That infamous spell that I'm sure hardly anyone uses that always gets changes made to it. It's Water Barrier of course. It had its Element cost reduced drastically.
- The Demon Cursor boss had its App Create ability pushed back a bit. They don't get quite as large as they used to, but it would take a good eye to see the difference.
- Ultimate Phalanx had his guard time reduced quite a bit. On the 2 hard settings, he was guarding so much that it was more an annoyance than anything.
- The biggest change was to the 45 degree slopes. I know everyone has seen how Jerry just runs right off of them instead of sticking to them as he runs down. While testing one of the new areas in DT3, Slaix said that I should really fix how slopes are handled. So... I did. ONE LINE OF CODE FIXED IT! So I went back and changed that for DT1 as well. The character now sticks to the 45 degree slopes when running down them. Which means you can run and jump off of them instead of flying off and not having access to your jump.

Been back for a few days really, but the title seemed... anyway I've gotten a lot done the last few days. If I can keep up this momentum, maybe... MAYBE we'll see a late February demo release. But I'm still thinking it'll be delayed, I'd like to polish up a lot of things. Sound effects are a major thing I need to get on. Music is always thought of with the theme of the area, so music is never on the back burner. But sound has always come last for DT, sometimes to the point where it gets neglected, as I'm sure you guys picked up on in DT1 and 2. I'd really like to fix that for DT3. Its already got more sound feedback than the other two games, but it still isn't anywhere near what I want it to be in that regard.

While the extra Gate levels aren't very long, I'd like to have the first two playable for the demo, as that'll also give some foreshadowing speculation for you guys on what those build up to later on.

Man, finally an update that isn't somewhat dramatic and not really about the game. Hooray! Also a screenshot!

Hooray, a knife motion trail!

Yeah, that's a rope holding something. Useful gimmick for annoying the balls out of players with puzzles. :P

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