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Moving Along

Did everyone see the Valenti... err Hearts and Hooves Day episode? You know what I'm talking about...

Okay, Gate 3 is almost done, just finished with a huge thing. This thing took awhile to get working, I haven't done anything like this animation-wise ever in 2D. And definitely not coding. It was a request by a new tester and one other person. It's a boss fight that replaced the Frankenstein monster. (I kept saying Werewolf for awhile.) I thought about showing what it was, but I'll just keep it a surprise. I'd probably just gush about the boring technical aspects behind it anyway.

So moving along, Gate 3 has 1 area left to make. Well... more like 1.33 areas left to make, plus I gotta finish coding the final encounter there. But that's it! Then a demo! (Plus the last bit of fine-tuning and tweaking.)

A few weeks left! Also no screenshots this time. Oh yeah, it snowed about 1 hour north from me! It's too damn cold!

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