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I had some last week.

So yeah, if you really like platformers and have one of the 3 major consoles (edit: or Steam), I highly recommend getting 'Rayman Origins'. Yahtzee reviewed it and showed quite a bit of love to it as well. Jeremy and I played all of it, getting most of the little pink thingies. (I forget what they're called now.) The game isn't afraid to go on the difficult side of things. (Oh man, that last world.)
It took away the pointless lives system and does checkpoints the way DT does. It's always fun, always pretty to look at. The levels all have this nice flow to them, like the way 'Super Meat Boy' has them. (Well when you become good at playing SMB anyway.) If what I said above didn't hint at it... it's multiplayer, with 4 people if you want, and not in the cluster-mess way 'New Super Mario Wii' was like. You can actually play it with 3 or 4 people without stepping all over each other.

So last Saturday the season 2 finale of Friendship is Magic aired. No no, I'm not going to go on about it, but I did really really enjoy this song. Even my roommate, Jerry, enjoyed the episode and specifically that song and he doesn't really care much for the show. If you follow the show or at least the music (mostly what I do), then you probably already know about the hidden thing in the song. It's incredibly nerdy, as I like to put it, but pretty awesome.

Also because I forgot to post a pony pic with my pony... thing above. (Yeah I didn't show this in my usual edit style.)
Did anyone else get a slight discomfort in that flashback when she used her magic to stop the two ponies from arguing? All arguments and theories aside on what she actually did, (maybe she just removed the negative thoughts) messing with someone's head, to me, is a scary thought. It doesn't solve the actual problem the two were having, despite that the issue was silly. I can't help but feel something like that would bring on cognitive dissonance.

Being a blog about a game I'm making, it would only be right if a blog post had something to do with that. So the rest of this will be about that. Now I'm going to go finish this boss encounter with this thing that has homing missiles.

Oh wait, one other thing. If your preferred method for contacting me was through email, use the address:
ZephyrBurst @ yahoo (.) com
Don't need those dang google bots picking up that one.


Anonymous said...

"This game sounded amazing from what I'd heard from other people but it's missing some basic features. Biggest one: playing this on Win7 (64bit) and I couldn't fullscreen this game, even as a window, which I would be fine with, as that's what I do with most of my games. Hard to play a game on a postage stamp in the days of 1920x1080. Looked interested though, good luck"

PPSF on reddit by the way, if you feel like shooting me a message. Maybe I missed something.

Oceanity said...

I have to agree on that segment of the season finale being fairly unsettling. It kind of leads you to believe that the only reason she "spread love" wherever she went was because she forced it on everyone she encountered.

Anonymous said...

Rayman Origins is also available for Steam! :P

Anonymous said...

Alright, now I've just got to ask...

Are real-life Jerry and Jeremy anything at all personality-wise like their counterparts in your games? (Constantly snarky and picking on each other)

ZephyrBurst said...

Slightly, more so in Jeremy's case though.

As for the snark; Jerry is snarky mostly to me, Jeremy snarks to both of us and I snark only to Jerry. Jerry and I also have very differing viewpoints on many things which leads to what would have to be called our 'daily stupid debate'.

That happens with any topic, which is usually politics, (actually we tend to agree quite a bit on that) moral discussions... or games. I really don't like jrpgs that much, and that dislike has gotten worse over the years. (For some reason, I did enjoy FF13-2.) But I love games like 'God Hand'. Which is actually my #1 favorite.

Jerry on the other hands is the polar opposite. He cringes at the thought of playing a game like 'God of War' or 'Ninja Gaiden', but he loves jrpgs. There are always exceptions, but they are few.

Both of my roommates like anime, but me on the other hand... it's rare that I'll watch one. At night we'll all typically watch an episode or two of whatever show Jerry has, recently he got me to watch Fairy Tail.
I found the characters enjoyable, it's a bit over the top at times, but it's done in a way that panders to my tastes.

We've all know known each other for awhile and get along quite well... we just have a lot of debates. :P