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Birds, Lots of Birds

Edit: (June 15, 2012) The 3rd room in the Control Center (Ch.5) has a 'puzzle' which involves using your bombs. In the old version, bomb detonation time was 90 frames, in the new, it is 85 frames. While this change doesn't make those puzzles impossible, it does require one part of it to be a bit TOO precise as it was made for the old bombs. A patch will come sometime which changes that room to reflect the bomb change. I simply overlooked that level when making the change for the bombs. It also makes a slight change to the drill bots after they destroy a block. (Currently they're remaining where they are. In the patch, they'll continue on after destroying a block.

Another Edit: Often times, I tell the birds at work that they like to cause trouble, because they do. The same goes for the birds in DT3. Some of them found ways to crash the game. Luckily I gave them a firm talking to and they're no longer acting up.

Edit: I'm going to be reuploading the DT3 Demo in a moment. There's an issue... I knew there was 1 more thing that needed to be fixed.

Edit: And there it is! Enjoy! :3

The final demo will be released later on today. I've been running through the game and the code; Everything seems okay now. I'll make an edit of this post when it's uploaded. Probably in about 4 hours.

An update on those birds mentioned in the previous post... They're still in the store, which pleases me. Speaking of birds, there's a lot of them in DT3. I suppose this is my recent obsession. The birds at work are my solace these days. I'd say a good 90% of my time is spent watching them because they're far more fascinating than the job itself. Plus I want wings and those birds do some pretty hilarious things. :P

If you want to keep your save data from the previous demo, simply copy your 'DT3data' file over to the new folder and BOOM, you're set. I don't foresee any major problems with not starting new. Though don't say I didn't warn you of a few minor oddities here and there. A few damage charts may be very slightly off because they'll still be working off the old set if you're not starting new.

There's a lot of subtle and not subtle changes from the previous version.
- If you got all the items in Gate 2, you no longer will. (Though you will have one from a Ch.7 map.) Two items have swapped locations.
- You may remember a blocked off map in the Control Center from Ch.5. That map is now reachable. (Holy snap, 'reachable' is a word according to spell-check.)
- The mainland no longer has bottomless pits unless a conveniently placed sign informs you of their presence.
- There's a lot more birds in the game. Treat them with respect!
- There are ways to boost your wallet size now.
- The bottom 2 abilities from Jerry's second Ability Set lie in their damage values. (Not that it matters, those are unobtainable in the demo.)

And last, have fun losing a few times in Gate C... and you all thought Gate A was rough...

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