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The Motor Bike mechanics have been fleshed out now.
Screenshot still not exciting.

The meter on the bottom left is your boost power. (Yay to a tester for wanting a booster of some sort, he got his wish.) Once used, the bike will have a burst of speed for 2.5 seconds. The booster takes 7 seconds to fully recharge on its own. That little Metroid icon (which may change) will fill up the recharge meter by a bit. If you're boosting when getting those, the booster time will be extended a little. These mechanics allow me a lot more flexibility with the level layouts, which is definitely nice. The camera was pushed forward as well to allow more time to react to oncoming obstacles.

The bike will show up in other areas of the game as well, not just this level in this gate. Gate D will have one bike map. The next blog post will speak of another fun MMX ability which had been in the works for some time.


Anonymous said...

This definiately looks nice. Also it is awesome to hear that this gimmick might make an appearance in other levels as well.
Why do I think that the bike map in Gate D will be hellish?

I can think of skins for the bike in other levels. Like if we have a DKC area you might want to replace the bike graohics with the DKC minecart or if you have a Contra bike section like in level 4 of Contra 3 you might just want to replace the MMX bike graphis with a Contra bike while retaining the same code.

WhattayaBrian said...

So, the first time I went through on Distorted, the Flame Instigator bugged out on Earth Shift, letting me calmly thwack him until he died.

This time I was not so lucky.

Holy garbage day, Batman.

ZephyrBurst said...

At this time, I'm thinking of keeping the bike with the same graphic there, but swapping it out would be a non-issue. The thing that may not be apparent from the screenshot is you don't control left/right movement like some on-rail sections in games. The camera and character are locked in that view and position. You control the jump, shooting, and boosting.