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Writers Block

I can't hold off this post any longer cause I'd like to mention a new LP. Damn writers block. Does that count for blogging? I'll say yes. Before I go any further, I'll be out of town and unavailable this Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday.

The male grackle mentioned in the last post is almost eating out of my hand. He has no problems running within a few inches of me now. What's fun and interesting for me, is after he's done eating, he'll stick around and try to communicate. This is a behavior I've found that's common with ravens and crows after having extended contact with a human. While we can't effectively communicate, I find it nifty they try.

Most of the birds around my workplace have paired up now. I don't know if the above bird found a mate yet, but often times when he approaches, so does a female, and it's the same one each time. He was also the first to greet me when I came to work yesterday.

A DT3 Demo LP
WhattayaBrian, who did a DT1 LP some time ago, has taken on doing a recorded run through the DT3 demo. It is mostly unedited, though at times, he'll bring the video to chipmunk voice speeds when repetitive actions are taken, such as failing to get an item or dying repeatedly. He does voice commentary throughout it and is easy on the ears. I've watched all of it so far, especially considering I'm in DT3 mode and seeing how someone plays (with commentary) can be the best feedback. Early level tweaks have occured due to his LP as well as implementing some of his good suggestions, as well as some minor changes due to my more asinine UI decisions.

In episode 8 of this, he streamed his gameplay to me while he was recording so we could do dual commentary. That was a lot of fun and it may happen again before the LP is over.

Sometime in the coming month, I should be doing another DT3 video, showcasing a few things.

Edited In (I've been meaning to mention this)
Some time after the trilogy is complete (maybe a couple months), I'll be giving out the project file for all 3 games. There's no reason to keep it to myself after I'm done with the game. But, and I'll say this again when the event occurs, I will not be supporting it. There's a lot going on with it and I will be giving very little help on how to use the project. I may have a document along with it that highlights a few tidbits, but that will be it. The code, specifically for DT1, is pretty bad. It's commented well. (Though that isn't consistent throughout.) I figure this question may come up, so there we go. Plus I've seen that people have searched for 'Distorted Travesty Engine'. There were 3 searches on that topic this month so far.

You will need to have the Standard version of Game Maker 8.1. The Lite version is not compatible with any of the DT games.


Kurtis Haren said...

Really neat how well you've made friends with those birds. My family got a small batch of bunnies just the other day, and they had never had any human contact before. By the second day we had them, my little siblings have them to the point already where you can just set them on your shoulder, and they'll move in closer to snuggle up on your neck. You don't even have to hold them anymore, they'll close in and love on you by themselves.

Already looking forward to when we get a chance to poke around inside the DT code. I'm not very good at writing code, but I'm not bad at reading it to figure out what it does and how it works. Out of curiosity, when you scrap an idea, do you fully remove it from the game, or are we going to start finding dummied out bosses, abilities, and level areas?

By the way, the Talkhaus (raocow's forums) is working on a collaborative Zelda project. I recall seeing you posting on the site a while back to talk about his LP of your game. The program they're using (Zelda Classic) is insanely easy to learn and work with. (also has a scripting language based off something similar to C++, for more elaborate stuff) You think it's something you'd be interested in taking part of? It'd be kind of neat to see what kind of stuff you could throw together with it.

ZephyrBurst said...

Most stuff is completely removed these days. If it's an object, it's removed, so there won't be any removed bosses, nor any levels like that. Sometimes code is commented out though, like DT1's summon abilities are still in the game, including the associated objects.

The Zelda project sounds interesting, so I'll drop by and check it out, but chipping in, I don't know. I've all ready got a lot of stuff to do on my end.