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The birds following me around have become a thing for the customers at work. Apparently it is now well known among those that are returning customers. Also my manager knows... and doesn't care, even though he doesn't like the birds. +1

Another partial written post and the rest being done through video.


NegativeZeroZ said...

The main issue that I had with this section is that yes, sometimes your shadow will move so quickly into an obstacle that kills you that it seems that you died for no reason. Your shadow "teleports" into death and it really feels like a constant hindrance in what is otherwise a really creative and potentially fun level.

It would be much better if the player character does not project a shadow, but I would still like to see some puzzles with the shadow switches and the shadows of your projectile attacks. The third room that everybody hates could be the best room in Gate C if you didn't have your own shadow to worry about. If not the best, at least the most creative room.

To those who haven't seen Gate C: the section shown in the video is the easiest and most playable of the bunch. So, yes. The change is very welcome on my end.

ZephyrBurst said...

The third room won't be touched much, it still works pretty well with the change, cause I too like that map. The other maps will have some pretty hefty changes, and possibly even a complete redo.

It will still have the shadow switches, but I'm still deciding if I'm going to have those be activated by your projectile shadows or not.

DarkSonicTrail said...

When the creator of the game has trouble with one room, you know it's gonna suck.