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A Video and a Game

First up, this was just finished yesterday by a friend of mine. He worked hard on this, and its got an original score for it as well. His blog has been linked before, but as a reminder, it can be found here.
Game Download: Dolphin Squadron

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The way you play is you gotta weaken your target and once you've done this, you suicide ram into it! Download link and a trailer are above. You gotta try it out to really understand it, but it's lots of fun.

DT3 Video
The rest of this is in video format.


Ryan Huggins said...

Yay. Thanks dude! :D I appreciate the feature!

I would like to say that the trailer is essentially fan made because we didn't have time to make one though. xD

NegativeZeroZ said...

That draw feature looks like it could be useful. Do the notes carry across deaths, leaving the room, closing the game, etc? Can you check which rooms you've made notes in from the map?

ZephyrBurst said...

No problem Ryan. You're a pretty cool guy and you'll always have my support.

Right now, the drawings are removed upon map refresh. It's nothing more than a simple gimmick at the moment, but I'd definitely love to have it as a bigger feature in the game.

It took only minutes to implement and right now it's simply placing instances of a dot down. It takes about 5 minutes of consistent drawing to see a frame rate loss. But still, down the road though, I'll definitely put in mouse interpolation and give it a proper surface texture to save them all on instead of having separate instances.