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Big Anniversaries

My bird has learned a new trick. When he sees me inside the store, (as rare as that is) he'll wait outside the front doors for me. Luckily he has never attempted to come inside, though all I'd need to do is get him to follow me out if that ever occurred. I doubt he will, he seems very content with the outside.

Today is the 10th year anniversary of the best mmo ever made. That being the original Planetside.

No screenshots this time, this is mainly an announcement that I may do another video soon.

Although before I close this. I'd like to ask all DT3 demo players. (Or even if you didn't play it and are familiar with the other 2 games.) If you could add/remove/change one thing in DT3, what would it be?


WhattayaBrian said...

I'd like shared equipment slots. That is: 3 slots for Jerry, 3 slots for Claire, and X slots that affect them both.

I've been thinking about easy solutions to the "having to keep switching equipment between the two" problem, and I think this is one of the cleaner ways to go about it.

Kurtis Haren said...

I was thinking about this the other day, and I thought about what would make an awesome post-game setup. After beating the game, you'd unlock two new move-sets: DT1 Jerry and DT2 Claire. You'd also unlock a Time-Attack mode for levels and bosses where you choose a single move-set and race through the level with it, with a scoreboard that shows how fast you were able to do it and would show what move-set you had chosen. (So that you don't get unfair times with something like the DT1 Jerry setup, since you had said before that the game wasn't designed to fit that particular ability set and it would make things too easy or something.) Finally, since an Internet connection for leaderboards would probably be somewhat difficult, setting up each rank on the scoreboards as individual files that can be shared between players.

What should change would probably be the lack of maps for areas such as the Water Temple. I know you said before that you liked how older games made you draw your own maps, but it would be nice to have something like a shop where you can buy a map to help you so that the player has a choice in how to do it. You could possibly throw in an extra reward for the player if they manage it without having bought the map.

Also, could there be a setting to make Chao stay put when you're not moving the mouse? She floats back to Jerry/Claire after you don't touch the mouse for a little bit, and I often forget exactly where the cursor is supposed to be when I try to scan something quickly. (I tend to try to scan everything at least once just for the reading content.)

I don't think I can come up with anything that should be removed completely. I rather like the game a lot and I can't think of anything bad enough to need to be taken out.

I found a mostly-translated version of Jump Ultimate Stars and saw the original versions of a lot of the sprites you use for different characters. I wanted to ask, why is it that you don't give any NPC characters a standing animation and keep them as static images? Just having a slight animation of them breathing or something makes a lot of difference.

ZephyrBurst said...

To WhattayaBrian:
I'll think about a shared equipment slot for them. If that happens, it'll most definitely only be one shared slot.

I have thought about a loadout type of thing (2 or 3 loadouts) where you can quickly switch them from the main part of the pause menu with a single key press.

To Kurtis Haren:
That Time-Attack setup would definitely take quite a bit of time to implement. Things like that have been thought about, but they'll be put in at the end if it does go in.

On the Chao setting, yes, something like that needs to be in. Chao can also be a bit of a headache during cutscenes when she's always flying around the player character.

For those idle animations, will probably give them those animations. I think they weren't in at first since they weren't really necessary and I was trying to keep that type of overhead out. Though really, all that kind of stuff will do is cause the game to take a bit longer to load. (Like milliseconds, so it's not a big deal.)

Anonymous said...

I Would remove that Controll Room boss, that HURTS!

Anonymous said...

Add difficulties or at the very least adding some way to proceed when the player can't quite match up to what the game requires.

A lot of the complaints I've seen revolve around "I can't beat/get through X". Sometimes, this is a good thing. Bosses like Death do a good job of testing the player, and although it's a tough fight, after enough tries, you'll end up coming out on top.

But, the thing about it is that this boss isn't even fought halfway through the game, and the difficulty should keep escalating to make the game feel more and more challenging. Eventually, I worry that it's going to get to the point where players have no choice but to give up due to the fact that this content serves as a hard road block. If you get stuck on a particular boss on the main path, there's suddenly only so much you can do. It was a good idea to add bonus gates and various power-ups, but a lot of them are a bit... subtle, to say the least, and that's if you can find all the power-ups. And this effect becomes noticeably subtler as you continue, as the game and challenges become harder. Those four heart pieces you found to give you an extra heart are invaluable in Gate 1, when you have a three-heart health meter, but when you have a fifteen-heart health meter, it isn't going to matter quite as much. It's the worst feeling when you realize that you can't match up to the game's expectations, you just can't beat that boss, and your world is limited because you can't get through that boss.

For all its differences, this is a thing I really liked about Distorted Travesty 1. I started out on easy mode because I was a wimp, and although the bosses were still challenging, they were such that I felt like I was getting better as I played, and that I was encouraged to better my skills and I never really got stuck so badly that I've had to bang my head wondering what to do next, as I have a couple of times with Distorted Travesty 3. Eventually, I came back to it and managed to clear Normal mode. And later, sure enough, I managed to beat Hard mode. I always felt like I was getting better, and although it was challenging, it was never frustrating because I actually felt like I had gotten better. It isn't too hard to see why. If I fail at an obstacle on one of the harder modes, I'm not left with no options. I can kick it down a notch and try it on an easier level, whereas if the same happens with DT 3, I pretty much have to expend countless lives just to get to the next area, or go on a tedious grind-fest to get enough AP to try to make things easier. I barely made it through the temple prior to Gate 4. If things get harder and harder, I doubt I'm going to manage to beat this one. That'd really suck, because the games are so good and I want to see what else they have to offer. But I can't if I can't if I get badly stuck on X obstacle, and eventually it'd get to the point where I'd just give up because there's so little I can do.

Anonymous said...

*User of the commen about Control room boss*
I agree with you, it hurts but after 54 hours in thje computer and aLOT, and A LOT of hope i managed to get through, its hard but they make you feel more....accomplished, i REALLY liked Death because to me he wasn't hard, was challenging, i actually didn't die to him, it was a fun fight (Of course, with Danmaku segments, we can't miss those)Anyhoo. What was i saying it was that because i completely lost my head at the boss!

Anonymous said...

*Continuation, i actually forgot what to say*
I Felt hopeless for almost VERY, and i mean EVERY boss in the game. Cackletta (That was VERY, VERY Hard boss for a game wasn't it? With that boss, i could imagine what DT3 would be like, then...The Water Temple. I Know Puzzles are a part of DT3 but give me a break!
I Know it wasn't half bad....but...I Took one whole week at the Water Temple, and i passed through the same rooms...OVER..AND OVER...AND OVER....AND OVER...AND OVER...And i never managed to find the key, until i found a Yoshi's Island Bumper...And facepalmed myself of how stupid i was,the boss was easy though.
But seriously...I just don't like being hopeless without having anything else i could do in video games...I just feel"I Can't beat this guy, i got all of the things i could of got by now, and nothing helps me!" The Controll room boss though, its not YOU who's doing most of the work, its your Pincher Bot, again, EVERYBODY is used to a boss that you fight without ANY HELP, but Control Room arises....*sigh*