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All About Birds

Lots of bird happenings lately. This guy here started eating out of my hand. He's pretty skiddish and I'm surprised he gets that close sometimes seeing how cautious he is all the time. Although he also doesn't like the phone so it's even more surprising that he stayed around for this. There are these times when he's not jittery at all, at these times, he's almost digging into the bag of food I have as I'm reaching in to get it for him. Most of the birds don't get close if I'm moving about at all.

Then we have this guy who follows me around sometimes. He's been getting really close for the last 2 months and refused to eat from my hand until recently. He likes to follow me around for awhile and often attempts communication. He does things a bit different than the other birds who were brave enough to eat directly from me though. Almost every time he does, he'll first bite or peck my hand once. Not hard, hes never broken skin, but it's a very consistent behavior. I have 3 assumptions on what it is, that being; It's a greeting, a warning of what he can do, or to establish dominance. The reason I thought of the last is he seems to be the dominant male in the area. He's almost always near the middle of where I work, usually up high, and typically always vocalizing. Far more than the other males in the area. When using the bill up posture, the other males will back down from him most of the time. He's also the biggest grackle there.

I've read up on someone else that had this same experience with a grackle. Would feed directly from his hand, and the bird would give a modest peck or bite first. His assumptions are the same as my first two assumptions.

All the Candies!
Here's a game that Slaix showed me. I don't want to say anything about it, otherwise I'll spoil things.

Also WhattayaBrian has picked up his DT3 demo LP again. He seems to be a pretty busy guy.


Kurtis Haren said...

I'm trying that candies game now. Not exactly sure what's supposed to happen, though.

I was thinking a bit about that spot that got mentioned in the DT3 LP, where you guys mentioned how it would cause a problem if the player ran out of arrows. Rather than just dropping arrows for the player, couldn't you make them auto-refill slightly? For instance, they refill at a rate of one arrow every three to five seconds, and only refill up to ten percent of the maximum amount, or five arrows, whichever comes first. That way, there's always enough arrows for needing to hit a switch or specific target, but not enough that you can reliably spam arrows at an enemy or boss.

ZephyrBurst said...

Yeah, I can have it do that. It's actually a better alternative.

ZephyrBurst said...

As for the candies game, it'll become apparent if you let it get to 150.

WhattayaBrian said...

"Yeah, I can have it do that. It's actually a better alternative."

Damn it, Zephyr. ;_;

Kurtis Haren said...

Yeah, I noticed what was up with the game after I let it sit for a little bit. It's actually pretty fun. I just let it sit overnight after I maxed out the candy rates, so I got a bit of a head start. (Damn, you're right. It is hard to say anything without spoilers.)

Kurtis Haren said...

Oh man. Brian, I swear I wasn't thinking of that video when I thought of that idea. I mean, I watched the video, but I didn't remember you bringing up the EXACT SAME THING. Sorry, man.

(By the way, sorry about the double comment. I wish there was a way to edit them.)

ZephyrBurst said...

Brian knows of my forgetfulness. This is the second time I've forgotten he was the original source for an idea.