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Something about birds. I'll have something about them next time.

Random Shenanegans
Slaix and I had a totally super serious conversation about the end of DT3 the other day. These are such really big spoilers that I don't know if I should post this very serious conversation.

Slaix223: Speaking of time travel, I hope you're going to have time travel play a major role in the ending of DT3 just to piss everyone off.
ZephyrBurst: Haha.

ZephyrBurst: Right as the world program is about to go down, Jeremy hacks into the recovery drive and reverts everything back x days.
ZephyrBurst: START AGAIN!!
Slaix223: Start the entire game all over. It needs more length.
ZephyrBurst: Yes.
Slaix223: How are you supposed to say DT3 is a good game if it isn't 50 hours long?
ZephyrBurst: With only a few dialogue changes since the protagonists know what's going on this time.
Slaix223: Also everything does more damage because of the paradox effect.
ZephyrBurst: And when you get to the end, there's no epic final encounter. The protagonists just know how to hit the kill switch.
ZephyrBurst: THE END!!

Enemy Scan Data
This is a fairly big part of the game, especially for DT1 on Hard mode since cripple points were about the only way to do significant damage to a lot of late game enemies. I always liked the idea of being able to look up information about what you're going against in games. This idea came from Metroid Prime's scans and while they weren't really necessary, (like in DT) I found them more immersive more than anything. In DT1, it was mainly there to help players out that haven't played the source games that the enemies were from, or to clue them in on how to engage a boss fight. In Metroid Prime, it had all these nifty bits of info about what the creature ate and how it lived in the habitat you found it in. The Space Pirates always had interesting entries in how it described their weapons systems or about the heirarchy of their command when you found a higher ranking Pirate.

In DT2... let's just skip DT2.

In DT3, I wanted to make sure Jeremy and Chao, for the most part, had seperate roles in the scan data. Jeremy reclaims his role in DT1 of giving the player basic info on how an enemy behaves.
Chao will sometimes fill in a few blanks Jeremy left behind, but her primary role is tell where the sprite came from, source wise, and sometimes the differences in their behaviors in the source material and in DT3.
The Dev Comments are just my bits of info about not just the enemy scan, but about some of the things I was making on the game during that time. It was also made to seperate this from Chao's scans, since she started getting a bit too meta with her entries.

Talkhaus Is Back
I've been getting informed on the Talkhaus' state of recovery. Just in case you go there, but didn't know, it is now back. A thread about it is here.

Also a screenshot.
If it's not on fire, you're doing it wrong.


Kurtis Haren said...

I don't know if you're serious or not about the time travel thing or not, but if it's done right, I think it could be a lot of fun. I mean, a big part of the DT games, at least for me, is the difficulty. It would be pretty neat to have a segment where you get to go back and re-do the previous areas while still keeping all your level-ups and higher stats and abilities. As long as you included something like Jeremy being able to help keep you from having to re-do the long and annoying parts, such as being able to pre-solve area-wide puzzles such as the Water Temple so that it's a straight shot to the boss instead of having to replay the entire thing, it could be pretty cool. Kind of like how the Mega Man games have the Robot Master rematches, but with more of a story explanation this time.

I'm just not sure the "no epic final encounter" idea is any good. I hope you were joking with that. I like a good and epic final boss.

ZephyrBurst said...

It was all in jest. There's no time travel in the DT series.

I personally hate time travel stories. They're usually convoluted and make no sense in any logical way. Chrono Trigger was one of the very few I enjoyed. Of course Back to the Future since it stays consistent for the most part, and it's just a fun film.

Kurtis Haren said...

Bit of a random thought, but I felt like sharing and thought you might just find it a bit funny.

My little brother started playing Jump Ultimate Stars and I've been trying to help him figure it out since neither of us read Japanese. I know the character is from an anime/manga, but I'm still recognizing the guy he just unlocked as "Jerry" instead of "Allen".

Unfortunately, he doesn't control like Jerry, so it's a character I recognize, but I have no idea how to control him well.

ZephyrBurst said...

My roommate, Jerry, has D-Grayman, but we've yet to watch it. Every time we think about watching it, this awkward feeling passes over us.

Eventually we'll get to it, probably when I stop working on DT.