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Another Pooooost

Edit: (7/4/14) Screenshot added.

Something to do with ghosts... or not.

I have a Let's Play video up for the first time ever where I talk waaay too much and derp up some audio stuff. Jeremy told me to buy Broforce and because I can, I did. Here's our first adventures into Broforce. There are player built levels that we're going to tackle next. Hopefully they're multiplayer as well, if they are, I'll do another video of those.

Jeremy's voice is no longer a mystery.
There's a bit of in-joke lingo we use. I didn't initially intend to upload the video, and was just recording for the sake of recording it.

DT3 Stuff
For this, I'm currently coding some sort of turret that can detach itself from the wall and then fly around raining down a hellstorm of bombs.

There's quite a bit going on here that isn't apparent in the image.


Clement said...

Do ya' have a pic of them turrets, bro? Or of these fuckin' group of dudes attackin' ya?

ZephyrBurst said...

In the future, possibly.

Slit said...

Edge of Tomorrow looks great on the posters here in Germany. Some people in quite some armor. :P
BTW was I write that it involves aliens as an enemy force?

Slit said...

And how can I mistake "write" for "right"? O_o

ZephyrBurst said...

The trailer says that it's an alien force, but... yes. :P