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Post #210

I missed the 200th post mark, anyway... This post was going to be a drama filled mess, but why do that when I can post a screenshot?

The above screenshot displays what is probably my new favorite DT3 boss fight. It uses some mechanics that were normally reserved for just exploration and obstacle surpassing. It turned out pretty great I think.

And now for another shot. (Because I don't want to spoil how the above encounter works.)

More birds have invaded the game. Look at these little guys, they're just so adorable. Also another change to the game is that the dive-bombing birds will only fly away from Jerry.

There is now a short FAQ linked at the top alongside the Contact Me page and the very coveted Squirrel Spider. Don't lie to yourself, you want one, more than you've ever wanted anything.


Kurtis Haren said...

If all those lines across the screen in the first screenshot are laser blasts, with a revolving one in the middle, I'm getting the feeling that you're setting up something similar to the Shroud Lord in DT1. I'm getting a bit nervous, now. I had to drop down to the easiest setting and it still took me a month of constant attempts to beat him.

On an unrelated note, You had said that you took down the old DT3 demo because you felt it didn't reflect the game well in its current state. You had also said a while back that after DT3 was released (Somehow, I accidentally typed "DT4" at first. Wishful thinking, I guess), that since it was to be the last in the series and that you'd like to move on after that, that you would release the engine you made for the games. I was wondering, would you also include something like a ZIP download of all the different beta and test versions of the games, so we could see a bit of a behind-the-scenes of the process and how the game has evolved over time?

Also, I took a look at that Squirrel Spider picture. You're right, I wish I had one. However, I only want one so I could try to scare my sister into not bringing real squirrels into the house. We have cats, and she's taken it upon herself to rescue every squirrel, chipmunk, and mouse that she sees. Which is a nuisance, considering we were wanting them to get rid of the mice in the house.

ZephyrBurst said...

It's not like the Shroud Lord. That is indeed a revolving laser with an electrified floor, but the screenshot is deceptive if you aren't familiar with the Gate 4 ability, which... you wouldn't be. :P

It isn't using the Shroud Lord level of precision, but this encounter is requiring some technical skill with a mix of air-dashing and double jumping. Its gotten a fair bit of praise from the testers. I think it's the first time I've gotten the comment, "That boss was fucking amazing." from them.

For the different alpha versions of the game, I won't be doing that. There's hundreds upon hundreds of versions. I tend to send out a new build weekly.

NegativeZeroZ said...

The rotating lasers are the only lasers in that screenshot. The other blue lines you're seeing are all background detail bridging off that giant computer, they're harmless.