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Upcoming Update This Month

I'll be handing off the new version to the testers in a few days. There are quite a few new resources to get, especially music files. I'll upload the newest version like I used to, with an exe-only and full download for first timers (or those that lost their old files). There will also be a separate download with all the new resources for those that don't want to have to get the full file again.

Partial patch notes of what's to come
- Contact(Direct) and Trap damage is now shown to the player via an icon when it occurs.
- Air dashing will now cancel Mario bumper momentum completely just like the double jump does.
- New Ability
   - Spring ball is now an optional item found in Gate 5 - Main Hub.
   - Morph ball can no longer be canceled with the jump button.
- Ending sequence changes
   - Game Over no longer occurs when falling off during the final escape sequence. Instead, Chao brings the player back to a nearby stable platform.
   - All ending cutscenes, including the credits, can be skipped.
   - It is highly advised to revisit the epilogue scene shown after the credits.
-And of course, because it's not a secret anymore, and what everyone's waiting for; A new set of events have been added. (And 4 new bosses, yes 4, not 3 like I said originally, though only 3 of them are coming to the boss gallery.)

A bug fix
- Blackmoor will no longer rise above the level.


Ilvocare said...

still got it prepped

and also how is he still spelled blackmoor when his name from the source game is "Blackmore"

is there a history I'm unaware of to save this typo

ano0maly said...

It's kind of like the history of how a track called "Beginning" from Castlevania 3 was thought to be Vampire Killer

game fanatic said...

Waiting, waiting...
I can wait as long as it takes.
Thanks for the update, though.

Anonymous said...

Will be on May 11?

Anonymous said...

awesome! shame i lost my 70 hour 95% complete save. guess i'll have to play through the game again!

Dr. Mog said...

Been looking forward to this for some time, glad to see it's almost ready, I suppose this means I have an end boss to take care of again in the mean time. Keep up the wonderful work Zephyr.