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Edit: (Same day as previous update) Version ------------------------------
- Minor tweaks(buffs) to a few abilities in Nightmare Mode. Purely cooldown/recharge counters.
- Fixed a locked camera issue in Gate G.
- Birds added.
- The previous update added 2 new hats that I forgot to mention. (One is a recolor because I'm trash.)

Patch Notes
Version is a few more quality of life updates.
- Fixed an instance of Claire's up/down shot still being eaten by the walls.
- For those using the gamepad support, you can now set the left stick deadzone in the Gamepad Options. Range is 20% to 80%. (Default is 40% and where the game was hardcoded for it prior to this update.)
- More birds.
- Other small stuff that I'd have to go find my changes file for.

The 'Update Download' option from the sidebar has been removed since it is no longer necessary.

This post should be updated later.


Herbethe said...

Yo Zephyr, I saved here, but when I go back I can't change to Claire, only when I go to the Boss Galery, could you fix this?

Ilvocare said...

hahaha oh wow

avast REALLY doesn't like this new update, normally it asks whether I wanna run it, this time it immediately red-flagged it and stole the exe saying it was fucking malicious

ZephyrBurst said...

Might be an avast update or setting changed by an update to it.

Unknown said...

I just wonder after a year since the game release, why decide to add the extra chapter at the end of the game just for curiosity i like to know what are your thoughts?

ZephyrBurst said...

I'll probably be talking about that in a video later.

Audrian said...

So, I found a bug that if you teleport out of Mt. TempleC (Map ID 261), you wouldn't be able to swap characters and would receive a error message until you return to that stage.
I think that since it is a split-mode map the teleport doesn't merge the characters and keeps the idle one on that map, them you cannot reach them when you try to swap.

Error message here:

Unknown said...

well technically Stink Terios answered my question after his last episode of gameplay so im still looking forward for your video explanation XD

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