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There's been a lot of DT3 activity on the player side specifically in regards to streams. More than I can keep up with. There's even been two speedruns of the game, starting with Quof's insanity of 28 hours straight.

Completed Speedruns
Quof's play-through can be seen on twitch. Quof, for your health, don't do that again.

WhattayaBrian is the other speedrunner who as of this writing, has the fastest run with 17 hours.

Completed Play-throughs
Ilvocare has streamed the entire series from beginning to end.

Kefit did a play-through on twitch as well. He has quite a few analytical criticisms of the game strewn throughout the play-through that were interesting to listen to.

Moogy also has a playthrough, though on the game's Nightmare mode, and has Wahfuu co-commentating with him. The two have a really good dynamic that's just fun to watch and listen to. I really hope they do another stream together like this as they're an absolute joy to listen to and work well together from what I saw. There's a few later times I add my voice to their stream and was afraid to do so at first due to thinking I'd get in the way of their dynamics together. Things turned out really well though.

Special runs currently going
Slaix playing the game with a really awful controller. He has a camera aimed at his hands so you can see the awfulness of it. It creates humorous moments and luckily Slaix is very familiar with the game:

Cousinoer5 is a crazy man and is attempting the game at 2x speed. Uh... good luck? But really though, it's fun to watch.


Ilvocare said...

Zephyr, I got you man, I got what you need. All stream archives in recent memory are on my youtube:

Redirect people there since Twitch can't hold archives longer than 30 days, if I remember correctly, unless you specifically note them to. Also there is a short stream of SCIV and Demon's Crest, with more coming after DT3!

(shilling over)

ZephyrBurst said...

Thanks, got it changed.

teste said...

falto o stink terios