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The DT3 Patch With Some Tester Levels

The patch is now available. There is a new music file so the exe is packaged with it. A readme is included that will instruct you to place it in the music folder.

Patch Notes
  • Patch
    • A few adjustments to a tester level in Side B.
    • 2 birds added that watch over Side B.
  • Hotfix
    • Only fixes up the Dualshock 4 gamepad profile. If you have and you don't use a DS4 controller, there is no need to get this update.
  • The Nightmare mode has had significant changes. Note that not all of these changes will be retroactive with current runs.
    • Idle abilities will now recharge faster than on Normal mode.
    • A few skill freebies were given prior to this update, but a few more were added. These are now reflected on the skill tree.
    • An heart container is obtainable through the Challenge Trials.
    • A selection of equipment is available from the game's start with all 3 slots available as before the update.
  • If you have obtained the true end of the game, the B side of Bubble Tower will be open. This location includes some tester ideas for levels as well as a few experiments from myself in its basement.
  • A few maps had minor tweaks for better flow purposes.
  • Warmaster should no longer be able to swap forms and immediately attack.
  • More birds have indeed been added. A lot of birds... like... A LOT of birds.
  • Turrets from a certain superboss will now auto despawn after 10 seconds.
  • For those using the built in Gamepad function, you should no longer jump upon starting a map after selecting an option from the Game Over screen. (Jump and Confirm are the same button.)
  • 2 new gamepad profiles were added.
  • The camera will no longer be stuck after beating the Gate G boss.
  • Assist Mode can still be used in the Boss Gallery, but the record will no longer count.
  • Other misc. fixes because I didn't note every change.

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Ilvocare said...

so wait warmaster ate a nerf?