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Weekly Updates Now!!

Okay, time for something a little different... I'll be making a post here every weekend! No set time for them, just know that they will be on weekends. The posts will be various news about the game's progress, fun little facts, and anything else I can think of, and maybe a screenshot! And if you're feeling like it, leave a comment about anything your heart desires at the time. Comments, suggestions, flames, whatever you want to throw at me. (As long as it isn't a spear.) O_O The posts will have sections so you know where to find the info you want and can skip the stuff you don't want to read. :P

Distorted Travesty Stuff

Sound Effects
In the process of adding in more sound effects... finally! You've probably noticed a lack of sounds on many things. If you played The Happy Fun Game, you know how I like to use abuse sound. Probably going to add in an option to turn sound effects off, it will be separate from music of course.

A very much needed ability will be given after the Dusty Ruins. A teleport spell! It will teleport you to the World Map... Actually it probably won't be a spell, but just something you can do from the menu. It would be rather tedious to go to the spell menu, equip the spell, close the menu, use the spell, open the menu again and switch your other spell back in. o_O It'll probably (most likely) be a hot-key that can be used anytime the menu is open. A note about the teleport. It will be disabled at certain points. Boss fights, scenarios where you are trapped, etc. I'm actually contemplating on whether I should give it to the player just after Distortion. If I do, no worries about those who are past that point as it will automatically give it to you if you are past that point.

Saving Fact
On that note: Save data is and will always be able to be transferred from one demo version to another. This wouldn't be possible had I stayed with GM's built-in saving function, it's pretty crummy.
Fun fact: I didn't want to get rid of the option of saving anywhere. But with this new way of handling save data, I couldn't have it from the menu, it would've caused some pretty nasty issues. The save room gets rid of any issue of map loading errors and random mishaps and also keeps the player from saving after every single obstacle in rooms. (Remember the option "Load from Last Save"?) Again though, I didn't want to get rid of being able to save anywhere, which is why you'll generally find a save door at the beginning of every room.

Check Points
Another thing I might add, but I'm leaning towards no on this, is check points in levels. Meaning that if you get to that point, you can return to that spot if you say... returned to the world map. If I do decide to do this, I'm sure you'll know the checkpoints when you see them. They'll be a familiar sight. :P

Wow, that was a real update and didn't include anything from my personal life. Btw my roommate has an old fat cat that is funny to watch when she walks around... opps.

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