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Whoa, an update

Wow, look at this, an update! Well I'm back from my summer job, (For 2 weeks now.) which was amazing I must add. Being a camp counselor is a pretty amazing job. Lots of work, but very rewarding, plus the kids are awesome. But anyway, you're not here for back-story...

A new demo may be released soonish, depending on how much time I get to work on it.

Some minor/major things changed/fixed.
- The "Load From Last Save" option now works in the Game Over menu.
- Hitting "Esc" doesn't immediately close the game now. You will have a prompt message.
- Holding up on the Save Point will not result in it multi-saving.
- Getting a Game Over has a somewhat different effect. (No changes to functionality, just a visual makeover.)
- The low health warning on screen is a little different. (Can still be turned off.)
- The higher your hit combo, the more damage your physical attacks deal. (It gradually builds.)
- Various minor makeover things that you probably won't notice. XD (Moved a few enemy spawn points by a few pixels here and there.)

Air Dashing
Some time during the game, you will gain the ability to Air Dash. To execute, hold up or down when pressing jump in the air. It takes up 1 Dash Point and can only be used once till you hit the ground again, however, if you hit an enemy while airborne, you can Air Dash again, allowing for virtually unlimited dashing without touching the ground.

Other Stuff
As always, new enemies, bosses, levels, and more! New characters introduced in a new city which will add more to the story.

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