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New Demo Released Today

Guess what?
No really, guess what?
Yep, you guessed it! NEW DEMO!!

The link on the side has been updated, but if you can't find it. It's right here too.
Click me for the new Demo.
Or click me...

Just a note, remember if you played the previous demo and don't want to start over, be sure to NOT delete the "GameDetails.ini" file. If anything, just unpack this new version and move that ini over. All your progress will be here.


LambyGames said...


I absolutely adore this game! I've got the ElectricFactory song on my phone, I play it every day, even though I got to the end (the Quick Action boss was quite easy, except for his Flood attack).

Thank you so much for making this demo.

ZephyrBurst said...

Thank you. :) I will try to get more content into the next demo, I know if you had played the previous demo, then there wasn't too much more if you kept your save file, but I'm glad to hear you had fun with it.

And yes, the Flood attack is pretty nasty, there are a few ways to dodge it, the hardest using the aerial bounce effect and air dashing, but there's a much much easier way to dodge it.

As for the ElectricFactory theme, it is by a newgrounds artist who goes by "midimachine". The page is here:

A lot of awesome stuff can be found there. And your comment has reminded me to mark who did what in the music section of the credits, instead of just who I borrowed from. You can actually access some game info by pressing F1 when the menu is open. :)

LambyGames said...

Ah, I see. I'm guessing Blast Off would be a good way to dodge it?

Thanks for the link, but sadly, my country blocked access to Newgrounds, so I cannot see it. You've got good taste in music, though! These are some great songs!

And glad I helped you remember to mark the composers! :D