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Yes, I did remember to do another post ^_^

Changes & Tweaks
Okay, we're getting ever closer to that next demo release. Busy weeks are busy though. x_x But anyway, a few more changes.

- You don't have as much knockback as before when taking damage. (I'm still tweaking this too, I may knock it down a bit more from the current change.)
- On that subject, you have a shorter flinch time. This mainly takes effect when you take damage in the air since you recover when you hit the ground anyway. For those that have the faster flinch recovery skill, you will still benefit from the skill and will definitely notice a way shorter flinch time.
- The skill "Flame Pillar" has a slightly higher spirit and element cost. (The damage output for this is quite insane.)
- The element cost of all the first elemental spells has been lowered slightly.
- The boss fight in Vegetable Garden has been made easier. He has a longer recovery time on his attacks and his Physical Power has been lowered slightly. (I think I said this once already.)
- The first boss now has a hit stun. Well all the bosses have one, I just realized the first didn't. Note: Bosses have a different kind of hit stun than normal enemies, but it's there.

Extra/Optional Level

A new one may not be in this demo, however if it is, note that I was frustrated this week so a lot of that frustration went into it. I hope you like losing over and over. That's right, I'm taking out my frustrations on you, the player. Enjoy.~ <3 (Remember, it's only optional) ^_^

Also the end boss of this demo will give you a run for your money. It is the first one to make use of every element as well as a constantly changing elemental weakness and Cripple Point. It has a Physical and Spirit Defense way off the chart compared to what you have faced, but don't fret, you can do it! Observation is the key to beating this one.

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