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No post this week

That's right, no post this week...
And with that said, we'll get into this week's post.

Okay, so I could technically release the demo now... but I'm not. I want to fine tune something first, I have tomorrow free so I'll probably spend a good deal of time working with this. ^_^ I could have honestly had this demo done 2 weeks ago, but I just haven't been able to focus well lately. I sit down to try and create, but I can't get my mind into it. It's not a lack of creativity or inspiration, nor a lack of will to do so, just can't seem to focus lately. Fear not, I won't quit this, just a rough time and lots of major decisions coming up. (Could be moving... far away.) Game design hasn't been able to get my mind off it. Anyway I'll close this tag now. [/emo] On to the update.

New Demo soonerish
You: "STFU Joe, you've been saying new demo for over a week now!"
Me: "I'm sorry, I just fail, look at the title of this section."
Me: *cuts*

So really really soon... even though I've been saying that for awhile. XD HEY, I have a screenshot for you!
For those of you from RRR, you'll see a post update first before anywhere else when this new demo is released... this week! O_O omg, yeah, I'll make it happen... like I said, it's done, but it isn't. XD

New Techniques & Spells
You'll be getting a new set of spells at the end of the demo. Sorry I didn't make a place for them to be used, you do get a new Physical Technique mid way through though. It's a close range attack that does very high damage. Another nice side to it is it gets imbued with the active element and also does more damage the higher your hit combo is, so it can do a lot of damage. Uses quite a bit of Spirit Energy so multi-casting it can get costly, but a good way to get rid of something quick.
The new spells give you a lot more variety as far as offensive spells go. They cost a decent amount, but with creative use, can really rough things up. Some of them give a boost to mobility which give some nice game breaking possibilities.

Random Game Stuff
I got a chance to check out Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii. I loved Odin Sphere for PS2, the game was repetitive, but the story telling was spot on and dramatic. The ending chapter was nicely done as well. I won't spoil it. Another thing was the art style and way it was executed, it was awesome to look at with all it's subtle animations. Which is what really sold me on it, not the visuals itself, but the way the colors and subtle animations were used.
Muramasa does the same with using that awesome art style. If you're into 2D hack/slash games, I recommend Muramasa, gameplay is better than Odin Sphere and not nearly as repetitive, but there is just one problem with the game... now I use the Gamecube controller set up. I don't know if the others provide a way to escape this, (I'll see if there's a control set up next time too) but "Up" is the jump button! WHY?! Arg! I don't like having to control my character's movement and jump with the same stick/button/hand. It's... annoying. I mean, I've semi/sorta gotten used to it, but still... *sigh* Hold on while I go *cut* myself again. This post is full of emo, I better end it now. I still say try the game out, but that one thing...

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