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Was invited by a friend to go to an anime convention in San Antonio tomorrow. (Depending on your time, today.) This is honestly my first one, so we'll see how it goes. If you know me, you know I'm not all that into anime. I like a few, but I never go searching for new anime and people typically need to talk me into watching them. It's not that hard really...
You: "Hey Joe, wanna watch this?"
Me: "Sure, why not."
Should be fun though. No costume, especially on such short notice. I'd rather not cosplay anyway, not my thing. If I ever go to another one of these, then maybe. I have cat ears, that's about all I've got on me right now that's even close to anything considered a costume. Maybe I'll wear those...

Game Stuff
As you know, I've started work on the final area. It's a fairly large and linear area. I'll be including warp points, much like the way Black Rock had the doors to let you exit the dungeon, come back and keep going from where you left off. The focus of it will shift throughout the area. You're going to experience both heavy combat and platforming areas as well as a nice mix.

For the platforming and traps, I've only shown a part of that aspect to a small group of people. I won't go into that and for what they've seen, that's all they're going to see. (You keep that bet going Slaix :P, though you may get to see the AI in action once, but it will only be a very short clip.)

The combat may actually be harder than the traps this time. I'll explain a tiny bit. It is a squad based group of enemies that all support each other. They react to what you and their allies are doing as well as where everyone is. Fighting them head on does not work, I've made sure it doesn't. They support each other far better than the Shrouds could ever hope to. Speaking of them, they'll still be around, but not often, the Veiled Detritus is really where they shine. That's all I'm going to say about it.

Other Game Stuff
There's still more hidden maps that have not been put into the game. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to release them with the final area completed, or give some out before that. Anyway, look for the full, well beta version of the game in late August or early September. That's just my estimation.

Continue your summer fun.

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