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Game Content Started

The game itself is now being worked on. As of this moment, there's a whole 5 seconds of real game-play. (If you don't count the short intro.) They're an awesome 5 seconds though, I swear! How about a screenshot?!

This is the second screen you'll see in the game. At this point, you can only play as Jerry and he can only run and duck. That's a moving platform he's running to with a little dust being kicked up as he starts a run from an idle pose. This brings me to the small topic of effects. DT3 will be visually superior over the first 2 in regards to effects and particles. There's a lot more of these to go along with all aspects of the game from your own abilities and attacks as well as the enemy actions to the environments for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Moving platforms have been changed. You can no longer affect their pathing by getting in the way. You'll still stop them, but it won't affect anything. Some of them, like the one in the screenshot, will stop momentarily when they reach the end of their path, giving you time to get from platform to platform. Not all of them will do that little trick though. :P

The only thing that lies in this screenshot is the green icon that was used in DT2 that let you know if you had an air dash. It won't actually be there. It'll still be used, but not at this point in the game. There are still a limited number of dashes.

The cell phone reception icon next to it is something new for DT3. This lets you know what your connection to Jeremy is like. Losing your connection to Jeremy will result in him not being able to communicate with you, (obviously) and various things he offers won't be accessible such as scanning enemies, your map, and in some cases some of your abilities will stop functioning properly. If the connection starts to drop, it means something in that area is trying to block him... or you're about to enter a special area. (Like those times when you can't dash.) The reception icon, for the most part, can be ignored. Its main purpose is for me to relay information to the player about what is not going to work without having to state it every time it happens.


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