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Edit: (June 8, 2011) It's Jerry's birthday today! :D

I like treats, I just got a bunch of Easter candy. (Hey my family does Easter late sometimes.) My brother found more candy than me this year during our annual hunt. I'll get him next year...

Oh right, game stuff. Small post today, mainly saying hi and giving out a bit more information about DT3 stuff and development.

The Map System
It only shows where you've been. Each box is not necessarily 1 map. Most of them are roughly 3-4 maps each, give you an idea of how big that area is, and also show you how many items you have left to find.

Pointless Records
Entries you have not discovered will be hidden now.

What to do?
Jerry can't jump yet, looks like he'll have to find a way around this.

Whoops, had a small mishap.

Area Names
When going to a new area, the name is shown on the bottom-left.

These are all from the beginning area before you get the Jump Boots. (Aside from the last shot.) They also feature the dash icon lie. It'll get removed when I feel like it. That's it for now.

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