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DT3 Multiplayer Mode Confirmed

You may have noticed that DT3 has been taking me longer to finish up than I thought and said it was. This is partially due in part to life changes as mentioned recently, as well as just having a more social life outside of gaming. That's all good and true, but there's another reason the game has been delayed for this long. I've been working on something alongside the main project that is now integrated with the game. The testers have been working hard with me on it to make sure it runs great and its been awesome this last month.

DT3 now has a multiplayer mode. One player will control Jerry, while the other controls Claire. It's a mode independent from the main game, though a lot of it does use levels from the main game, but redone a bit to make use of multiplayer. It took some work, but it's all done through network play, though unfortunately I couldn't quite get local multiplayer to work. It's best done over a LAN, so I'll provide links to Hamachi and such when the time comes.

Below are a few screenshots that should show somewhat how it works.

As shown, you can see the other player's current energy (of their current active ability) next to yours. Both players have to be on the same map, but they aren't confined to the same view. Map exits work the same except both players must be near it for it to work. (Within half a screen.)

Both players share the same health pool. This also means that if one player plummets down a pit, it's game over for both players. The game over rules are the same, though it's the host player that has control of what happens in menus. Currently only the host player can control the pause menu as well, which means that player is also responsible for allocating skill points and equipment for both players. I'm looking to fix that before release.

I had thought about announcing this last month, but it wasn't as far along as I had wanted it. A gameplay video of how the multiplayer looks will be coming soon.

Actual progress on the game proper is still moving nicely as well, despite not having worked on it all that much the last 2 months.


DipshitDandy said...

How will this work inside These Gate Levels from the demo? They only use a specific character.

ZephyrBurst said...

Those Gate Levels have quite a few changes in multiplayer to accommodate that. I don't want to give too many specifics, because why spoil the fun of discovery. However, the other character, while not having any abilities for that Gate, has a role to fill that should be a lot of fun. Partially distraction, mostly something else that I won't spoil. The most fun comes in Gate 6, since both characters have their abilities there.

SefiCompacto said...

Please tell me this is not an april fools joke

ZephyrBurst said...

this is not an april fools joke

gpremier said...

This may be an april fool, but those screenshot are still sexy!

The demo and the previous games were a blast, i really look forward the full release!

ZephyrBurst said...

They're legit screenshots other than Claire being shopped in.

I thought seriously about making a quick and dirty build that had another player controlling Claire and having Jerry (my roommate) play along with me for about 5 minutes and just editing all that into about 1 minute for the joke.