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Game Progress: What's Left?

This is an update about what's left to create.

Currently I'm revamping Gate 6, which previously I was unhappy with. There was a heavy dialogue edit along with new encounters coded. It was pretty sparse before this. It's kinda hard to talk about it specifically, considering spoilers, and only the testers saw the previous version of it. So I'll leave it at that. It's almost done though, will probably have it done by tomorrow.

Next up is the encounter that occurs if the player completes all of the Nightmare Gates. That's not a spoiler, everyone knows SOMETHING happens.

After that is the final level and all its fun bits that go along with it. I'll code/script the ending during this as well.

And then, I need to return back to the world itself and finish up some loose ends. All the little secret/hidden areas in the game that aren't there now and finish placing all the optional items, like the remaining heart pieces, etc. This phase won't take very long.

When the above are all in, all the game's content is finished! THE GAME WILL BE RELEASED THEN... but not really. After that, I'm of course playing through the game again and heavily editing the game where it needs it. I'm guessing this phase will last about a month. There's a lot of feedback from the testers that I agree with and haven't actively addressed in the game yet. They're mostly small edits and tweaks, but those small things definitely address real issues, and it's during this last pass that I'll be going through those and iterating on them. No new content will have to be added during this phase, so overall, it should be quick comparatively.

When I'm happy with the game, it'll be released. Well no, that's a lie, I don't think I'll ever be fully happy with the game, but there will be a point during that last phase where I'm saying, "DONE, fuck it!" I'll be announcing a release date just before this phase hits though.

So this is where I'm at with the game. It really isn't all that much left.


gpremier said...

Cool to see that you are really almost done!

I understand the feeling of never being completely satisfied with your own creation, but trust me even the demo you have sent a few years ago were quite impressive!

On that subject, how do you feel about the first DT game after all this time? That was another super ambitious project after all!

ZephyrBurst said...

I still like DT1 despite it being a big mess. In comparison to DT3, I like DT3 more overall. The third game has a more solid design and it gets the exploration bit that I wanted to, but failed at, with DT1. The encounters and moment to moment gameplay feel much better. And for those that like it, the story is more coherent, though I really wasn't trying too much there. :P (No worries, DT3 still has my bad writing.)

I do like DT1 more in certain ways though. It's just more open in terms of what the player can do in any given situation. I don't think DT3 LetsPlays will have quite as much creativity or accidental humorous discoveries as those found in DT1. That's not to say that's bad, but I really enjoyed how open the system in DT1 was.

DT3 was originally going to be a bit more open-ended like that in terms of what abilities the player has, but throughout development, I was really liking how well the abilities worked well together. So eventually the game's design became a bit simpler.

ZephyrBurst said...

Or rather, I should say, that I would have liked to capture that open feel in DT3 like I did with DT1.

gpremier said...

I see, i admit that in DT1 the pool of ability you had became quite wild near the end, but it was also part of the charm!

And yay for bad writing! But really it wasn't bad and it was a good and fun narration, fun enough so that i read all description of all ennemy in the game! Those gameover insult was also gold, i'm glad that they are back in the third game!

And simpler design does not equal bad(and i highly doubt that beating the game will be simple!), DT2 was simpler and yet it was also a blast to play! I still remember some jumping challenge from DT2 that were quite physics defying!

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh yeah, DT3 has its moments and I'll be watching specifically how people handle certain troublesome spots... with glee of course.

And thanks for the encouragement by the way! It's really cool to see people getting excited for the third game. It's helpful for me at times too. I've had my moments of doubt where I think, "This whole project sucks, I'm just gonna trash it!"

gpremier said...

No problem!

And god no it doesn't sucks! Trust me i've seen tons of fangame(and others non-fan game), so i can easily differentiate what sucks and don't, and basing on the demo and DT1 and 2 you're definitely on the high tier! And i'm also a sucker for game where the hero control well AND can do alot and the opposition is put to scale in consequence.

If i have to be objective, of course a game with plenty of reused sprites and background will get some complaint because of that, it makes it harder to explain to people that the game was good. Personnaly it never bugs me if the game is good and well-crafted. A way to see it is like the 'subspace emmisary' part in smash bros 3 : people liked that, your games are like that, but better!

I'll leave my fanboyish mode now, see ya!

gpremier said...

I shall not be fooled by the lack of news, the countdown IS ticking!