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Getting There

By tomorrow, the only content that will be left to fully implement will be the final level. So this week is when I'll be devoting all my dev time to that level. I was gonna work on a lot of the stuff I'm doing now after working on that final level, but I swapped around the order of things.

Just the level and 2 boss encounters left to fully implement. Well the ending too.


ano0maly said...

It always takes longer than you think except when it doesn't

SefiCompacto said...

Hyped as fuck

Kurtis Haren said...

Now the big issue comes. Am I going to be able to map all the necessary buttons to a standard PC controller? If so, I've got a modded N3DS ready to go, since the control pad on that thing is fantastic! If not, maybe I can throw a request to the mod creator to allow mapping segments of the touch screen for extra buttons.

Been waiting on this forever! It's kind of hard to believe that it's nearly done! I remember waiting ages for Katawa Shoujo to come out, and then had issues finishing the game because then I wouldn't have any more of it to look forward to. Now I just have to hope that I don't have the same problem here, and end up with an unfinished DT3 game for the rest of my life!

Francois said...

@Kurtis Haren:

True. I guess us fans of the DT series will play this game both happy and sad. On the one hand it should be a pretty good game from what I've seen on the other hand it's the end of a beloved trilogy.

However, Zephyr might make other fangames in the future. Maybe games similiar to DT with platforming, fighting/ bosses and puzzles but with other characters and another story.

So I'm sure DT 3 is not the last thing we've seen from Zeph. :)

ZephyrBurst said...

You'll definitely see more from me, though it won't be fangames/games with sprite rips. DT3 is the last of that.

As for the types of games, it'll be whatever is on my mind.

Francois said...

Ah, magnifique, Monsieur le Burst!

Will there be another game similiar to DT with platforming and combat(but original sprites)?

Or a Zelda like top view game with your own sprites?