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Patch Notes (Version
- Enemies now deactivate much closer to the off-screen boundaries resulting in significantly less off-screen bullet spam. (I've had a grievance with this one myself for some time, just took awhile for me to finally address it.)

- Potential fix for the chapter 16 minigame where enemies were spawning with invulnerability in rare moments.

- Various typos.

- Morph Mortar now does what its supposed to do.

- More birds were added!

Other Stuff
I had other things I was going to post alongside this, but I am way tired and apparently have obtained an illness that is making me feel super drowsy. Will possibly edit this later.


Herbethe said...

Hey Zephyr, there's no Heart Piece here, so fix this: Oh yeah, why is that full health thing only appears on Nightmare Mode?(sry for bad English).

LostSoldier20 said...

Missing patch notes:
Birds. Birds. Birds.
The drill-bot block in Central City's dungeon (I think you said you fixed it already)

Also woo! Ch. 16 minigame fixed! The second bonus is hard enough without the glitch.

Justin Time said...

There's still an issue with oVaultDoorEf's Draw event, when using the upper left door in Farreaches - Consciousness, at least on older computers. Kinda problematic for people it affects, since it's kinda impossible to get any further in chapter 9 until it's fixed.

lordalexander74 said...

Good to know about the TD minigame. Shame I won't get to try it for a while, I'm stuck on the final room in the Mega Man nightmare gate. I hate that place.

Trace said...

There is a heart piece in that room. Also, how on earth did you get that far in the game with so few hearts or arrows??

ZephyrBurst said...

He's playing on the game's Nightmare mode, which means you don't ever get money or AP, ever. And you can't pick up items. (Well, they're all replaced with something useless.)
The idea is you play the entire game at base level, but you can still grab the end gate heart containers.

Herbethe said...

It should be: "We hid a Parmesan Cheese around here". Or whatever.

ZephyrBurst said...

I patched the patch notes to include the entry about more birds being added.

Justin Wadden, thank you for reminding me about that. I'll have that patched up soon.

Unknown said...

I have found a glitch in the map [WarshipJ]. It's pretty small but worth mentioning. There's a small gap you can get through from the right side using the morph ball, but you can't go back out from the left. Doing so gets you stuck, and the puzzle becomes impossible to solve. Here's a picture

Justin Time said...

You're welcome. I'll let you know if I find any more, but you've already patched the other ones I've seen.

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah, nice find BurningNight. I can add that to the fixes that I'm sending out later today.